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Multiple languages represented—reaching learners across regions and cultures

Reaching learners across regions and cultures


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languages represented


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Third Term Learning is a global e-learning company that provides customized learning solutions to companies and organizations from different industries around the world. With offices in the United States, Spain, Germany, Brazil, and Argentina, they have established a strong global presence and a reputation for delivering high-quality, effective e-learning experiences.

As a longtime user of Articulate authoring solutions, Third Term Learning has leveraged the power of Articulate 360 to create bespoke e-learning solutions for their clients. Using Storyline 360, they have crafted engaging and interactive courses, including an award-winning course featuring gamified branching scenarios.

After creating their courses in Storyline 360, the team uses Review 360 to gather stakeholder feedback quickly, ensuring that their clients are satisfied with the end product. In addition to their custom courses, Third Term Learning also prepares off-the-shelf content in multiple languages using Articulate 360, catering to the needs of their international client base.

Third Term Learning case study

Industry: Custom E-Learning

Location: The Woodlands, TX; Madrid, Spain; Karlsruhe, Germany; Buenos Aires, Argentina; São Paulo, Brazil

Size: 50+

Learn more about:Storyline 360, Rise 360

The Challenge

Third Term Learning prioritizes custom, collaborative course solutions

  • Third Term Learning has always prioritized the need to meet the diverse course needs and requirements of their client base. To do so, they require solutions that allow them to create engaging, appealing lessons for learners and integrate soft skills and technical proficiency assessments into courses.
  • They needed ways to develop custom gamified courses so users can practice their skills in real time. They also needed to create engaging, dynamic courses that would allow learners to practice their product knowledge and incorporate multiple skills into a single e-learning module.
  • Collaboration and cohesion are high on their priority list: Third Term Learning requires the ability to coordinate an interdisciplinary team using various multimedia tools to create a single course.

The Answer

With Articulate 360, Third Term Learning brings their engaging courses to life

Third Term Learning offers numerous off-the-shelf courses on soft skills, safety, and information technology, among others. These broadly appealing courses come in multiple languages for Third Term’s international client base. But Third Term’s showstoppers are bespoke solutions, like their award-winning course “A Trip of Unfortunate Events,” which won the Best of DemoFest Award at the 2022 DevLearn conference. 

Third Term Learning uses a multi-stage design process to create custom, engaging, and effective e-learning. Each project starts with brainstorming sessions to conceive ideas, identify needed resources, and assign an interdisciplinary team. Scripting and graphics phases follow. In stage three, the course creators construct lessons using rich multimedia, various software, and design tools.

The final step of the process leverages Articulate 360. The development team uses Storyline 360 for bespoke, LMS-friendly features like the gamified branching scenario in A Trip of Unfortunate Events Game. Methods like games allow learners to make decisions that impact outcomes throughout the module and make learning “stickier.” At the end of the development process, Third Term Learning shares the project in Review 360 to gather client feedback and improvement suggestions and tailor the final product to the client’s needs. 

Unlocking Human Potential

Third Term Learning’s interactive courses reach learners across regions and cultures

  • With Third Term Learning’s custom branched Scenarios in Storyline 360, learners are more likely to retain information that is interactive and engaging. Building custom branched scenarios in Storyline 360 allows learners to make decisions throughout the course and see the consequences of those decisions. 
  • Third Term Learning uses Articulate 360 to create e-learning courses in multiple languages to help their global clientele train in their native language. Articulate 360’s XLIFF output makes translation easy for companies with employees across different regions and cultures. 
  • The integrated Review 360 tool makes sharing courses and gathering client feedback effortless. Clients can annotate course content, design, and functionality directly in the platform, making it easy for Third Term Learning to understand revision requests and ensure client satisfaction.

With Articulate 360, Third Term Learning brings the visions of their global client base to life via engaging, multilingual courses and effortless feedback collection.

Top-rated by users and industry experts

*Data provided by Third Term Learning, 2023. This content is based on reported experiences from an actual customer and is provided solely for informational and illustrative purposes. In some cases, we have edited and reprinted feedback; however, in such cases, we did so only to shorten the text and not to edit the nature of the feedback provided. For confidentiality purposes, some information has been anonymized. This content is not intended as a promise or guarantee for any use by current or future customers. Results may vary substantially for each customer.

Articulate, Articulate 360, and Storyline 360, and Review 360 are either registered trademarks or trademarks in the United States and other relevant countries.

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