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Combining the efficiency of AI with the power of human refinement, Tamr’s industry-leading platform helps businesses quickly gain maximum value from their data. Tamr delivers accurate, comprehensive, and durable “golden records”—the trusted, consolidated records that define unique business entities by connecting data across systems and incorporating one-click, third-party data enrichment.

This all helps businesses boost ROI, increase efficiency, avoid risks, and revolutionize customer experiences.

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Industry: Data management

Location: Cambridge, MA

Size: 100 employees

Learning audience: Customers

Learn more about: Reach 360, Rise 360

The Challenge

Tamr needed more efficient, flexible ways to meet demand for product training

Tamr’s customers needed in-depth training to get the most value out of the company’s data products. Originally, instructors led all product training. Training took place over multiple days and often required instructors to travel.

The instructor-led model required a significant time commitment—an average of four days—for both learners and instructors. This model also made it difficult for Tamr’s customers to offer product training to new team members or provide refresher courses for seasoned employees.

Because of this, many customers requested e-learning options and recorded sessions. Tamr needed to increase the flexibility and convenience of its training options while continuing to provide customized product training for customers when necessary.

The Answer

With Rise 360 and Reach 360, Tamr streamlined its approach to education while reducing costs

To meet these needs, Tamr got started with Articulate 360 to create two different learning paths: Tamr Cloud 101 and Tamr Core Practitioner Training. Tamr offers both paths via their Reach 360 LMS. Cloud 101 training, built with an e-learning first approach, is also available from the Tamr website to make it more easily accessible for customers and their teams.

To keep learners engaged in the online format, the learning paths include a blend of interactive content blocks, videos, and instructional text. Along the way, knowledge checks reinforce lesson material to help ensure learners understand course content.

“The features in Rise 360 help us quickly create high-quality, professional, and beautiful courses,” says Sara Russell, Tamr’s Head of Customer Support and Education. “The new shared folder feature also allows for effective collaboration between teammates.”

At first, training was distributed via Rise.com, but recently, Tamr made the switch to Reach 360. “The migration went really well,” says Russell. “It was totally smooth and painless—everything just transferred over.”

With Reach 360’s simple administration and tracking, the team has been able to reduce LMS administration efforts by at least 50% and manage accounts more efficiently while still providing highly effective training so customers get the most out of their products.

Unlocking Human Potential

Tamr improved training efficiency and effectiveness with Articulate 360, paving the way for increased growth

Tamr’s new approach to training with Articulate 360 has been overwhelmingly positive for both their own lean team and their vast pool of learners. With Articulate products, they’ve been able to educate customers about their data products at scale and drive adoption in more efficient, scalable ways.

“We regularly release new features in our Tamr Cloud SaaS platform, and it’s simple to keep courses up-to-date with one-step publishing to Reach 360,” says Russell.

Meanwhile, Tamr finds that customers frequently ask to enroll more learners from their company in the online training. As customers loop additional team members into projects, Tamr can easily ensure they’re trained and up-to-date at their own learning pace.

Notably, as more and more customers have enrolled in their e-learning paths, Tamr has seen a significant drop-off in demand for instructor-led training, increasing overall convenience and flexibility. “As a result, we’ve been able to move into an online-first approach to training,” says Russell.

By streamlining the learning process and increasing its flexibility, Tamr allows users to gain even more value from their data products, furthering their mission to drive customer growth through accurate, comprehensive data.

With Reach 360 and Rise 360, Tamr has significantly reduced the need for instructor training hours, increasing the efficiency and flexibility of their product training while allowing customers to get more value out of their data products.

Our modern approach to master data management requires a modern approach to learning. Articulate’s platform allows us to engage users with exactly the right training content at the right moment.

Anthony Deighton Chief Executive Officer, Tamr

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