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SEIU 775 Benefits Group (“the Benefits Group”) provides high-value training, health, retirement, and job-matching benefits to over 50,000 long-term care workers. These caregivers provide quality in-home care to clients and family members living mostly in Washington state.

The Benefits Group’s innovative training benefits, including a wide variety of mobile-friendly and accessible courses, are crucial to equip caregivers with the skills to provide high-quality care, meet certification requirements, and pursue professional advancement.

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Industry: Healthcare

Location: Seattle, WA

Size: 50,000+ caregivers

Learning audience: Caregivers; new hires

Learn more about: Rise 360

The Challenge

SEIU 775 Benefits Group needed to streamline course creation and reduce development time

To help meet certification requirements, the Benefits Group releases new learning opportunities each year for the over 50,000 caregivers it serves. Courses are localized into a wide variety of languages to meet the needs of this highly diverse learning audience. This includes Basic and Advanced Training, as well as Continuing Education courses.

Many caregivers must take 12 hours of Continuing Education courses annually to remain certified. The Benefits Group releases 12–18 hours of new Continuing Education course material per year. These cover a range of topics, including proper body mechanics, end-of-life care, chronic illness, accident prevention, behavioral health, and more. Some courses also focus on improving caregivers’ own quality of life.

For its online training, the Benefits Group uses Articulate 360 to fulfill its e-learning needs. From 2016–2020, the organization used Storyline 360 to create highly customized online courses. But as training needs grew and learning styles shifted from computers to phones and tablets, the team needed to create significantly more content that was responsive as well as mobile-friendly.

That meant they needed a more structured tool to work faster while still producing a broad range of high-impact content for caregivers in multiple languages.

The Answer

With Rise 360, SEIU 775 Benefits Group increases course consistency while gaining access to key features

To pivot their focus from customization to speed and ease-of-use, the Benefits Group considered a variety of other tools. But ultimately, they chose to remain with Articulate, choosing Rise 360 to meet their evolving needs.

In 2020, the team began transitioning its content into Rise 360. They created custom block templates, as well as custom interaction prompts.They used Articulate’s labels feature to adjust to the most accessible language. These features allowed them to easily and efficiently update existing courses and create new ones while ensuring a consistent experience across devices and lesson content.

“Rise has been really helpful for us in creating consistency from course to course,” says Cori Lomonte, Manager of Curriculum Quality Assurance on the Learning Course Development (LCD) team. “Template blocks and labels make it easy to give our courses the same look and feel while adding unique interactions based on the topic.”

Beyond Rise 360, the Benefits Group also leans on Review 360 to streamline its collaboration process. The organization works with multiple internal teams and external stakeholders who review courses prior to release.

By pairing Rise 360 with Review 360, the LCD team has experienced an easier and faster feedback process, removing a significant time blocker from the previous review process. “With Review 360, all internal teams and our external stakeholders can review and provide feedback quickly,” she adds. “Our instructional designers can also continue working on a course if they need to while external stakeholders are reviewing, which has been a big plus.”

Unlocking Human Potential

SEIU 775 Benefits Group increases efficiency for both course creators and learners with Articulate 360

Today, the LCD team sees faster speeds for course development, as well as easier course management, compared to before they started using Articulate 360. And the ability to easily and frequently make updates aligns with customer needs. In particular, Lomonte has appreciated the Team Folders update in Rise 360. “The Team Folders have been a game-changer for us in terms of organizing our content and making it accessible,” she says.

After streamlining content, SEIU 775 Benefits Group has noticed reduced onboarding times for participants. In-person instructors have also noted that learners often report positive feedback on the online courses, especially about the courses’ ease of use. Lomonte’s team has witnessed a significant drop in user-generated customer service tickets around issues with custom interactions.

With tools that allow them to focus more efficiently on creating and managing courses, SEIU 775 Benefits Group has been able to meet its current needs better and keep pace with the vast volume of content it needs to serve 50,000 caregivers. This scalability has allowed them to grow more effectively, ultimately empowering long-term care workers with the opportunities they need to advance their careers and provide the best possible care for those they serve.

With Rise 360, SEIU 775 Benefits Group is able to create courses for its 50,000 learners efficiently and easily—all to help long-term care workers meet their certification requirements and provide the best care for those they serve.

Rise 360 has allowed us to simplify the course creation process while increasing consistency. With it, we’ve seen faster development times, fewer learner questions, and reduced onboarding time.

Cori Lomonte Manager of Curriculum Quality Assurance, SEIU 775 Benefits Group

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*Data provided by SEIU 775 Benefits Group, 2024. This content is based on reported experiences from an actual customer and is provided solely for informational and illustrative purposes. In some cases, we have edited and reprinted feedback; however, in such cases, we did so only to shorten the text and not to edit the nature of the feedback provided. For confidentiality purposes, some information has been anonymized. This content is not intended as a promise or guarantee for any use by current or future customers. Results may vary substantially for each customer.

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