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Questrade Financial Group Inc., through its companies—Questrade, Inc., Questrade Wealth Management Inc., Community Trust Company, ThinkInsure, and Zolo—provides securities and foreign currency investment, professionally managed investment portfolios, mortgages, insurance, real estate services, and more. They use cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative products that give customers better, more affordable ways to take control of their money. 

Questrade understands that creating outstanding client experiences starts with exceptional employee experiences. They continuously invest in their people and are always looking for ways to help them grow. Training is a critical component of this employee growth, which is why Questrade relies on Rise 360 to build engaging online courses for their workforce.

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Industry: Financial Services

Location: Toronto, CA

Size: 1000+

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The Challenge

Questrade needed an efficient, scalable way to grow top talent

  • Questrade wanted to deploy relevant, top quality courses on a variety of topics to grow and develop their employees. They also wanted to increase efficiency for their instructional design team and provide multiple authoring tools to meet a variety of training needs.
  • They needed to create an innovative, on-demand library of content and resources that would allow employees the flexibility to take courses at any time and take charge of their development journey.
  • They wanted to retain their high quality of established learning and development programs while adjusting to a rapidly changing training environment caused by hybrid work.
  • Quickly creating engaging, relevant courses for on-demand employee self-enrollment was important to Questrade, as was meeting business demands to grow and develop employees and equip them with required skills through top-quality e-learning courses.

The Answer

With Rise 360, Questrade created a robust library of over 100 courses

When Questrade first subscribed to Articulate 360, they were excited to start using Rise 360 because of its fast, flexible authoring functionality. Once they began authoring in Rise 360, Questrade found ways to expand their course offering with available pre-built templates. More importantly, they started discussing the value add that the templates would have for their business and culture.

In 2020, the team began taking the real-content courses available through Rise 360 and editing them to support their brand guidelines. They uploaded the modules into their learning management system and created custom learning categories. When they introduced this new learning resource to the organization, there was a lot of positive feedback and self-enrollments increasing for a wide variety of topics. To date, the Questrade team has offered more than 100 courses to their organization with more than 7500 enrollments.

Additionally, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Questrade needed to shift its customer service training model. After discovering that converting classroom sessions to Zoom was not as effective, many courses were converted into Rise 360 modules that could be easily accessed on-demand. Questrade reports that by converting to online learning modules, they were able to maintain the quality of the classroom sessions. 

Moreover, the trainers benefited from additional time, which they utilized to deliver customized development programs to employees who required special assistance. The online learning modules also brought about immense benefits for the learners, who could now participate in training sessions at their convenience and according to their preferred schedules.

Unlocking Human Potential

Questrade’s agile and customizable training solutions empower individuals to take control of their money

  • Questrade saw a reduction in the time needed to build effective courses. Because Rise 360 is so user-friendly, the time it takes to author internal courses has been greatly reduced.
  • Flexibility in authoring options has allowed the company to meet a variety of needs. Their instructional designers love the ability to use Rise 360 for quick content and Storyline 360 for complex courses like software training or advanced, multi-path learning.
  • They’ve successfully converted their entire customer service training to a hybrid format. Shifting to a hybrid classroom/online learning model allowed Questrade to expand their employee base remotely while maintaining high-quality training.
  • Questrade customized Rise 360 real content courses to meet their branding guidelines and deployed them to learners who can self-enroll. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and self-enrollment has increased, creating a culture of learning through Real Content.

With Rise 360, Questrade is able to efficiently share knowledge that empowers individuals to more effectively and affordably manage their finances.

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*Data provided by Questrade, 2023. This content is based on reported experiences from an actual customer and is provided solely for informational and illustrative purposes. In some cases, we have edited and reprinted feedback; however, in such cases, we did so only to shorten the text and not to edit the nature of the feedback provided. For confidentiality purposes, some information has been anonymized. This content is not intended as a promise or guarantee for any use by current or future customers. Results may vary substantially for each customer.

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