Lumina Learning delivers results with Articulate

Major savings of time, money, and IT resources

Shining a light on all the facets of one’s personality—without bias or stereotyping

Major savings

of time, money, and IT resources


product development


understanding of complex topics

Lumina Learning is a global provider of innovative personalized selection and development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations. Their best-in-class, validated tools have been designed to help cultivate self-awareness, supercharge teamwork, level-up leadership, foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, and increase productivity and profitability.

Deloitte, Adidas, the Marriott Hotel, and the National Health Service (NHS) are just a few of the prestigious clients who have chosen to work with Lumina Learning. Using Storyline 360, Lumina Learning can dynamically display a high volume of customized information about an individual’s psychometric results by executing Javascript commands.

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Industry: Technology and Human Resources

Location: Bracknell, United Kingdom

Size: 100+

Learn more about: Storyline 360, Rise 360

The Challenge

Lumina Learning needed to create sustainable and scalable impact through digital learning

  • Lumina Learning needed an e-learning solution that would allow them to create digital learning applications in cost-effective ways, display information in easy-to-digest ways, and increase awareness of leadership styles.
  • They aimed to create a dynamic, visually comprehensive snapshot of psychometric results to help learners better understand their psychometric scores and apply what they have learned with minimal external guidance.
  • Lumina also required interactivity in their digital experiences to ignite continuous curiosity around personal growth and embed learning long after an intervention or workshop.

The Answer

With Storyline 360 and Rise 360, Lumina Learning increased interactivity and understanding

Armed with its rich data and empirically valid psychometrics, Lumina Learning’s suite of tools enables managers and employees to build self-knowledge, build rapport with others, value the diversity of different ways of being, and use these insights to become more effective personally and professionally. Many organizations turn to Lumina Learning to provide these assessments through their customized solutions.

When Lumina Learning needed a way to display psychometric information to their clients digitally and interactively, Storyline 360 was the best fit. Using this application, data from its flagship product, Lumina Spark, can be visualized dynamically alongside personalized coaching prompts using Javascript commands.

Lumina Spark’s chief purpose is to shine a light on all the facets of one’s personality without bias or stereotyping. Rise 360 has proven indispensable, not only in devising short courses for individuals with which to explain how Lumina Spark works, but also showing clients the best ways to interpret the results.

Unlocking Human Potential

Lumina Learning empowers managers and employees with impactful insights to build relationships and self-knowledge

  • Combining Storyline 360 and Javascript instead of developing a custom web app allowed for rapid product development, saving months of time, money, and IT resources. 
  • Rise 360’s clear, organized structure allowed Lumina Learning to increase the understanding of complex topics like psychometric assessment.
  • With Storyline 360, Lumina Spark is able to reveal clients’ unique, personalized strengths and development areas, conveying practical actions for real results.
  • Using the integrated functionality of Storyline 360 allowed Lumina’s product development team to produce an ecosystem of digital applications driven from their core product, Lumina Spark.

With Storyline 360 and Rise 360, Lumina Learning shines a light on the complexities of psychometric assessment and delivers personalized, actionable results.

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*Data provided by Lumina Learning, 2023. This content is based on reported experiences from an actual customer and is provided solely for informational and illustrative purposes. In some cases, we have edited and reprinted feedback; however, in such cases, we did so only to shorten the text and not to edit the nature of the feedback provided. For confidentiality purposes, some information has been anonymized. This content is not intended as a promise or guarantee for any use by current or future customers. Results may vary substantially for each customer.

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