Gainsight eases e-learning tasks with Rise 360

67% increase in course completion rate


increase in course completion rate


increase in number of returning LMS users


content delivered

Gainsight’s industry-leading platform helps customer success, product, and community engagement teams grow and scale. With Gainsight, increasing product adoption, preventing customer churn, and growing customer communities have never been easier. Hundreds of companies across the globe trust the platform to reach thousands of end users.

As a leader in the customer success industry, Gainsight understands the importance of effective training for its customers. After struggling with another popular authoring tool, Gainsight switched to the Articulate 360 creator platform. The customer education team now uses Rise 360 to quickly and efficiently create courses and deploy them to customers via Gainsight University, the company’s customer-facing learning management system (LMS).

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Industry: Technology

Location: San Francisco, CA

Size: 1000+

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The Challenge

Gainsight needed a fast, efficient authoring tool to deliver effective online training

  • Gainsight needed a modern, user-friendly authoring tool that would allow their instructional designers to build simple, introductory product training for Gainsight’s end users.
  • They wanted to create seamless learning experiences while providing foundational knowledge and skills to new learners.
  • They knew their chosen tool needed to prioritize speed and efficiency, as this would allow them to quickly develop content to promote quarterly product updates, build out robust course content for both online and blended learning environments, meet increased demand for localized content, and construct scalable, easy-to-use templates.

The Answer

With Rise 360, Gainsight streamGainsight’s intuitive courses empower users to deliver best-in-class customer experienceslined the e-learning process

After its authors experienced difficulty using Adobe Captivate, Gainsight switched to Rise 360, part of the Articulate 360 platform. Rise 360’s ease of use was the primary reason for the shift. Course authors find that it’s more straightforward to use compared with Adobe Captivate. They consider Rise 360’s block templates user-friendly and helpful in creating engaging content quickly. Additionally, the Review 360 tool makes the stakeholder and peer review process fast and efficient.

Overall, the transition to Articulate 360 has allowed Gainsight to streamline its e-learning process, saving time and increasing productivity while delivering stellar customer results. “Everybody feels good about building in Rise 360,” says Lila Meyer, Gainsight’s Director of Global Education Services. “You can quickly and efficiently assemble content into a course.”

Since switching to Articulate 360, Gainsight continues increasing the monthly active users in its customer-facing LMS, Gainsight University. They have achieved a 67% increase in course completions and a 56% increase in the number of users returning to Gainsight University.

Everybody feels good about building in Rise 360. You can quickly and efficiently assemble content into a course.

Lila Meyer Director of Global Education Services, Gainsight

Unlocking Human Potential

Gainsight’s intuitive courses empower users to deliver best-in-class customer experiences

  • Gainsight reports that Rise 360 saves instructional designers time when updating courses for quarterly product releases. The block templates in Rise 360 also allow them to build a seamless experience across learning paths.
  • The popularity of Rise 360 has helped streamline adoption as Gainsight has expanded. Meyer reports that a localization partner in Japan was familiar with Rise 360 and could log in quickly to translate and localize Gainsight courses.
  • With Review 360, managers, stakeholders, and peers can offer feedback and track changes in real time.
  • The knowledge base and E-Learning Heroes platform have helped the team. Meyer reports that her instructional designers can find the answers and resources they need, right when they need them.

With Articulate 360, Gainsight provides their end users with the tools and training they need to create outstanding customer experiences.

Top-rated by users and industry experts

*Data provided by Gainsight, 2022. This content is based on reported experiences from an actual customer and is provided solely for informational and illustrative purposes. In some cases, we have edited and reprinted feedback; however, in such cases, we did so only to shorten the text and not to edit the nature of the feedback provided. For confidentiality purposes, some information has been anonymized. This content is not intended as a promise or guarantee for any use by current or future customers. Results may vary substantially for each customer.

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