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Storyline 360Studio ’13Studio ’09
Responsive Player for Tablets and Smartphones
Responsive Preview Toolbar
Responsive Playback Restrictions
HTML5 Gesture Support
Integration with Review 360 for Stakeholder Reviews
Content Library 360 Integration
12+ Million Content Library 360 Photos, Illustrations, Icons, and Videos
Localized Interface
Superior HTML5 Output
HTML5 Output for Android OS
Best Right-to-Left Language Support
Superior Section 508 Accessibility Support
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Support
Adjustable Player Font Size
Skip Player Navigation with Screen Readers
Language ID for Screen Readers
Broadcast-Level Audio Optimization
HTML5-Only CD Courses
Enhanced Restricted/Locked Navigation
Modern Text Rendering
WYSIWYG Text Editor
Custom Character, Line, and Paragraph Spacing
Custom Bullets
Support for Special Font Characters
Typographic Ligatures
Presenter Timeline for Synchronizing Audio, Animations, and Annotations
Dockable Panels
Enhanced Picture Placeholders
More Animations and Transitions
Animation Painter
New Shortcut-Key Freeform Questions
Place Characters on Left and Right Sides of Conversation Interactions
Increased Step Counts for Some Interactions
Custom Slide Sizes
New Streamlined Interface for Faster Workflow
Illustrated and Photographic Characters
Record and Edit Videos
Support for Uncompressed Videos
Single Unified Player Shared Between Presenter, Quizmaker, and Engage
HTML5 Output for Windows, Mac, and Apple iOS
Articulate Mobile Player Output for Apple iOS and Android OS
Publish for Tin Can API (xAPI)
Right-to-Left Language Support
Translation Features
Section 508 Accessibility Support
Drag-and-Drop Freeform Questions
Pick-One Freeform Questions
Pick-Many Freeform Questions
Text-Entry Freeform Questions
Hotspot Freeform Questions
Import Questions from Excel Spreadsheets and Text Files
Negative Scoring for Incorrect Responses
Customizable Feedback Layers
Accordion Interaction
Bulletin Board Interaction
Checklist Interaction
Conversation Interaction
Folders Interaction
Image Zoom Interaction
Labeled Panel Interaction
Media Panel Interaction
Quick Choice Interaction
Tabbed Image Interaction
Embed Web Objects
Embed Website Videos
Customizable Player
Import Pictures, Videos, and Flash Movies
Import, Record, Edit, and Export Audio
Add Branching
Resume Playback
Customizable Slide, Quiz, and Interaction Properties
Flash Output for Flash-Enabled Browsers
Publish for Web, LMS, CD, and Microsoft Word
Double-Byte Character Support
Animations and Transitions
Design Themes, Master Slides, and Templates
Author Courses in PowerPoint
Add Annotations
Background Audio Playlists
Attach Resources
Assign Presenter Bios to Slides or Entire Courses
20 Form-Based Question Types
Answer Shuffling
Randomize Questions
Quiz Time Limit
Customizable Feedback Text
Customizable Result Slides
Quizmaker Timeline for Synchronizing Audio, Animations, and Slide Objects
Circle Diagram Interaction
FAQ Interaction
Glossary Interaction
Guided Image Interaction
Labeled Graphic Interaction
Media Tour Interaction
Process Interaction
Pyramid Interaction
Tabs Interaction
Timeline Interaction