Jenn Smith

Jenn Smith

Content Production Manager, Articulate

Jenn Smith specializes in content development, research, strategy, writing, and editing. She has more than 20 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing and has applied her curious mind to a wide variety of industries, including food, farming, arts, healthcare, tech, and investment. 

Jenn began her tenure at Articulate in 2020 as a product content writer responsible for producing real content in-app templates. She moved to the content team in 2023. Jenn is passionate about making any subject approachable, so the e-learning industry is a perfect fit for her!

In her spare time, Jenn loves heading outdoors if she’s not cheering on her teenagers at track meets or snuggling her two fur babies, Sweetie and Smudge. She stays busy learning, too. Ask her about her latest hobby, and she’ll wax lyrical about metal smithing, French verb conjugation, or the incredible tarot book she just read. Find her on LinkedIn.

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