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We continually improve Articulate 360 so that you always have the most innovative learning creation technology at your fingertips. Learn how our latest features and planned updates help simplify and speed up e-learning creation, collaboration, and distribution.

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Engaging e-learning, built faster than ever

linked padding

Linked padding

Speed up content creation, and link top and bottom block padding together to quickly change their values at the same time.

Random block images

Random block images

Keep e-learning creation exciting with block background images that are randomly selected on a block-by-block basis. 

Team folder enhancements

Team folders enhancements

Save time and get organized with new filters, folders, and move options.

More customization for unparalleled learning experiences

Background audio triggers

Background audio triggers

Easily control the background audio for each slide using triggers to play, pause, or stop the playlist.

Improved text-to-speech voice quality

Create engaging training that sounds more natural with new neural voice technology.



Experience increased stability and faster performance for large, media-rich courses.

Player tooltips

Player tooltips

Quickly view controls and navigation button descriptions with tooltips that are accessible to mouse, keyboard, and screen-reader users.

Background audio volume variable

Background audio volume variable

ustomize the background audio experience even further with triggers that allow you to adjust the sound on specific slides or at specific times.

Emphasis animations

Choose from a library of animations that grab learners’ attention with effects like pulsing, shaking, and teetering.

Global notes formatting

Global notes formatting

Streamline your workflow and style your notes panel for an entire course instead of slide by slide.

Targeted tools for effective collaboration

Share link permissions

Share link permissions

Collaborate effortlessly by making your Review 360 items private while specific stakeholders offer feedback.

Managed integrated Review 360 comments 

Easily view and manage multiple Review 360 comments right from your Storyline 360 or Rise 360 workflow.

Distribution made easy

Reach 360

Reach 360 now part of Teams

Reach 360 is now included in every Articulate 360 Teams subscription.

Custom certificates

Celebrate your learners  and reward them when they complete a course. Create a library of templates that can be applied to any training.

SSO for learners

SSO for learners

Enable learners to access training quickly and securely. Admins simply authenticate learners in company systems to bypass additional login credentials.

Reporter role

Reporter role

Delegate training analytics by assigning reporters who have access to view detailed reports for specific groups of learners.

Manager role

Choose managers to oversee learners, enrollment, and reports for assigned groups.

New content for inspiration and infinite possibilities

Accessibility updates

Accessibility Updates to our Storyline templates and Rise placeholder templates

Save time editing your favorite Rise 360 course templates with new built-in accessibility features.

Women's History Month course

Women’s History Month course

Celebrate Women’s History Month and explore the evolution of women’s rights and history in the United States in this course.

4 Ways to Build a Trans-Inclusive Workplace Microlearning

“4 Ways to Build a Trans-Inclusive Workplace” Microlearning

Learn key terms and discover concrete action steps to make your organization more inclusive.

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