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The Global Fund’s mission is a world without HIV, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria. To achieve this aim, they invest $4 billion annually to fight some of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases in more than 100 countries.

The Global Fund relies on e-learning to educate and inform their community about its grant process. Grant applicants complete easy-to-use, dynamic online courses to learn to navigate the application process and allocate funds equitably. For The Global Fund, this standardized learning track helps maintain program transparency for applicants and grantees while promoting best practices for community health programs—all of which contribute to creating a healthier, more equitable world.

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Industry: Public Health

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Size: 1000+

Learn more about: Rise 360, Storyline 360

The Challenge

The Global Fund needed a simple, intuitive way to deliver complex content to users worldwide

  • The Global Fund needed a way to seamlessly produce courses that would break complex information into simple, accessible, easy-to-translate, bite-sized pieces and be deployed worldwide.
  • They wanted to cater their training content to a diverse audience speaking multiple languages while meeting their content production and grant funding cycle demands.
  • Ultimately, they needed the ability to design a blended learning solution to optimize the learning experience for all participants.

The Answer

With Articulate 360, The Global Fund found a way to reach a large audience with impactful courses

The Global Fund advances public health initiatives by funding programs fighting HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria. They needed a way to ensure their funding application was inclusive and that grantees were allocating funds equitably.

They started using Articulate 360 to ease the move from classroom and PowerPoint slide-based training to online learning for grant applicants. Now, they use the platform to quickly create impactful courses on various topics for a large audience.

The team favors Storyline 360 for its customization capabilities and a more personalized learning experience. Rise 360 makes it easy to create and export courses quickly to translate into multiple languages.

“With so much information to convey, being able to quickly adapt and innovate is critical.”

David Nash-Mendez, Communications and Training Specialist, The Global Fund

Unlocking Human Potential

The Global Fund uses e-learning to empower communities and create inclusivity

  • Authors can quickly export for XLIFF from Rise 360, translate course content, and reimport translated text that automatically fits, increasing the ease with which they create courses in English, French, and other languages.
  • Rise 360 makes creating courses in small, bite-sized sections easy, simplifying an otherwise complex grant funding process.
  • Communities receiving funding learn how to distribute funding equitably from information found in Storyline 360 and Rise 360 courses.
  • Stakeholders can easily view courses in Review 360 to allow fine-tuning of critical content.

With Articulate 360, The Global Fund empowers their community with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve public health outcomes.

Top-rated by users and industry experts

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