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Peachtree Group Hospitality Management aims to empower its teams to deliver exceptional guest experiences while maximizing financial performance. The hotel management company serves a complex network of over 80 hotels across 26 brands, including its own portfolio. 

To optimize performance and value for the hotels they serve, the group focuses on multiple disciplines, including food and beverage service, accounting and finance, people and culture, hotel operations, training and development, and more.

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Industry: Hospitality

Location: HQ in Atlanta, GA, with hotels in 22 states across the U.S.

Size: 2,400+ hospitality management employees

Learning audience: New hires

Learn more about: Reach 360, Storyline 360

The Challenge

Peachtree needed a fast and easy way to deliver onboarding training to 80+ hotels

Peachtree Group Hospitality Management is a large and complex organization with dozens of hotels across the U.S. and thousands of employees. Their lean yet mighty Learning & Development (L&D) team of one needed highly efficient tools and processes to train staff in the high-turnover hospitality industry.

To establish consistency for new hires across the country, Peachtree hired Daniella Huang as the organization’s Vice President of L&D. Her mission: to create and distribute a company-wide onboarding program that covered all aspects of the hotel management group.

E-learning, Huang knew, would be essential to carry out this mission. Beyond course creation tools, she needed a learning management system (LMS) that was easy to use, cost-effective, and would allow her team to quickly distribute and track content across a diverse group of learners in various roles. She also needed the flexibility to centrally manage training while empowering eight Regional Directors of Operations to own training results for the 10 hotels they each manage.

The Answer

With Reach 360, Peachtree distributed training to thousands of learners

Huang’s search coincided with the release of Articulate’s frictionless LMS, Reach 360. The tool was ideal for distributing onboarding content efficiently without burdening her team. It was easy to use and allowed her to release content quickly, with an intuitive user interface ideal for both learners and admins.

“Reach 360 is very well-designed,” says Huang. “You don’t need heavy training to figure it out—it’s intuitive, simple to use, and the new user activation process is very easy.”

Huang used Storyline 360 to build learning paths for the onboarding program in both Spanish and English. She also launched a compliance course on cultivating diversity, inclusion, and belonging at work and preventing sexual harassment using Articulate’s pre-built template

From there, she used Reach 360 to distribute the courses across the entire organization and track learners’ progress. With Reach 360’s reporter role, Huang was also able to save time and effort, empowering managers across the organization to track learners’ progress more efficiently. “Being able to give out reporter permissions has been a big time-saver on my side,” she says.

Unlocking Human Potential

Peachtree saves significant time and effort training new employees with Reach 360

Peachtree consistently sees course completion rates of over 80% for the onboarding learning path, with over 3,500 learners enrolled to date overall. 

On average, learners complete the learning paths in 40 minutes for the English learning path and 52 minutes for the Spanish learning path—meaning that in well under an hour, Huang’s teams can gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s culture and best practices. But the value of the program doesn’t end there.

“Overall, I would say that Reach 360 is very easy to use,” says Huang, noting that, in particular, managers across the group appreciate the reporting capabilities. Huang also says that “Articulate’s Support team has been wonderful when we’ve needed to learn more about different products.” 

For a company whose focus lies both in driving growth and creating exceptional guest experiences, this ease of use in onboarding new employees is essential. With the right tools and strategies in place, Peachtree is able to empower thousands of learners to deliver exceptional hospitality experiences.

With Reach 360, Peachtree Group Hospitality Management reduces time and effort onboarding thousands of employees across their 80+ hotels—while empowering staff to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Reach 360 is very well-designed. You don’t need heavy training to figure it out—it’s intuitive, simple to use, and the new user activation process is very easy.

Daniella Huang VP of Learning & Development, Peachtree Group Hospitality Management

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