What’s new, what’s next: Microlearning

We continually improve Articulate 360 so that you always have the most innovative learning creation technology at your fingertips. Learn how our latest feature releases and planned updates help you to save time, simplify collaboration, and achieve impactful training outcomes.

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Fast, flexible authoring for every training situation

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Create bite-sized learning focused on a single learning objective. The new microlearning feature makes it easier than ever to publish short bursts of content and tailor the learning experience with new navigation modes, continuous and stepped.

Customized learning, now more accessible

Streaming video

Deliver video content to all learners, regardless of their internet speed.

Course playback speed control

Let learners explore training at their own pace by choosing a course playback speed between 0.25x and 2x.

Feedback master defaults

Save time on course development by setting default slide layer properties for feedback masters and layouts.

Enhanced color selector

The new enhanced color selector lets you organize custom colors into different palettes to streamline your design workflow.

Conditional trigger enhancements

New conditional trigger enhancements let you define two actions for a single trigger instead of needing multiple triggers. Set up conditions to determine which action gets executed.

More characters, more versatility

New photographic characters

Bring your learning to life with three new characters, Aliyah, Sarah, and Thomas. Each photographic character comes in three clothing styles—casual, business casual, and corporate—that reflect a range of work environments.

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