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Articulate 360 has everything you need for course creation. We’re adding new features and content continuously—and it’s all included with your Articulate 360 subscription.

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Greater flexibility and control


Publish to Video

Publish your project as a single MP4 file, then add it to another project or upload it to a video hosting site.


Course completion trigger

You can now choose to send a course completion status to your LMS when a learner performs a specific action or reaches a certain point on the timeline.

More options and integration with Storyline 360


Require completion of a Storyline block

Make sure learners complete a Storyline block before moving on by adding a continue block to your Rise 360 lesson.

Track course completion with a Storyline block

Use a Storyline block to track completion of a Rise 360 course in your LMS. Choose to track completion based on a trigger, quiz result, or number of slides viewed in your Storyline block.


Block templates

Build Rise 360 courses faster by saving existing blocks and their content as block templates and reusing them in other courses.


Sidebar visibility

Choose to have your course sidebar open or closed by default. You can even turn it off altogether to give your course a different look and make learners navigate lessons in order.

Require a passing quiz score

Make sure learners understand course content. Require a passing quiz score before they can move on to the next lesson.

Another way to work together


Shared block templates

Take block templates you create in Rise 360 and share them with your team.

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These features and more are included in Articulate 360, the leading creator platform for online workplace learning. One subscription delivers all the tools and resources you need to create professional, engaging training content that plays seamlessly in your LMS. Start transforming your organization’s learning culture today.