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What’s New, What’s Next

Articulate 360 has everything you need for course creation. We’re adding new features and content continuously—and it’s all included with your Articulate 360 subscription.

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More interactions, faster workflows


Flexible authoring

Quickly add the most common blocks to your lessons with the ever-present shortcut bar. Convert your existing prebuilt lessons into blocks with just one click. And use the simplified lesson selector to start authoring a lesson or quiz right away.


Chart block

Add gorgeous data visualizations to your projects with the new chart block. It’s simple to build bar, line, and pie charts your learners will love.


Scenario block

Easily create scenarios featuring Content Library 360 characters. Just add dialogue, responses, and feedback to bring your scenario to life.

More control, faster authoring


Media library

Manage all the assets for your project in one place with the new media library. This first feature (with more to come) lets you easily add, remove, replace, reuse, and export images, videos, audio tracks, and characters.


Conditional seekbar

Prevent learners from skipping ahead until they’ve reviewed all your slide content. Once completed, they can drag the seekbar back and forth.

Review/retry incorrect answers only

Challenge learners to improve their knowledge by allowing them to review and retry the quiz questions they answered incorrectly.

More management, faster organization

Search for projects

Enter the title or creation date to easily find the project you’re looking for.



Create content, publish to Articulate 360, and then use folders to keep track of all your projects.

More choices, faster course creation

Affinity template

New, realistic illustrated characters coming soon to Content Library 360.


New improvements to accessibility, content, and design make our most popular placeholder templates even better.


With expertly researched and designed courses, every creator can quickly build their training library to better fit their learners’ needs.

More options, faster administration


Group admins

Manage large training teams with ease. Assign multiple admins to manage different groups of seats.

Transfer content

Maintain your content and intellectual property. When someone leaves your team, just transfer their content to another person.

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These features and more are included in Articulate 360, the leading creator platform for online workplace learning. One subscription delivers all the tools and resources you need to create professional, engaging training content that plays seamlessly in your LMS. Start transforming your organization’s learning culture today.