Kathryn Giroux

Kathryn Giroux

Senior Content Writer, Articulate

Kat is a Senior Content Writer at Articulate who specializes in content development and strategy, storytelling, and instructional design.

Her professional journey began as a writer and story strategist for an Emmy award-winning filmmaking studio. There, she honed her storytelling skills, harnessing the power of personal narrative to foster meaning, inspire action, and make ideas stick. Since transitioning to the e-learning industry in 2018, Kat has applied similar techniques to create relevant, compelling, and actionable learning experiences. Above all, she loves crafting content that inspires audiences’ own “aha!” moments.

It’s Kat’s staunch belief that the most hare-brained adventures make for the best stories. Or, at least that’s what she tells herself while scaling rock faces, white-water rafting in a banana costume, or bikepacking the backcountry road of Oregon and beyond. A cast of weird and wonderful characters comprise her Portland-based community, and she cherishes them more than anything—craft beer and the Oxford comma, included.

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