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$1 Trillion Turnover Problem and How to Fix it cover

The $1 Trillion Turnover Problem and How to Fix It

Employee turnover is $1T problem that keeps talent leaders awake at night. Learn best practices for attracting, retaining, and engaging your employees.

Reskilling Retention and Resilience cover

Reskilling, Retention, and Resilience: How to harness human potential with agile learning

Explore how leading companies embrace upskilling and reskilling to increase their retention and productivity and maximize their workers’ potential.

An informative resource on mastering e-learning, offering valuable advice and tools for successful virtual learning.

The No Excuses Guide to Effective E‑Learning

Learning suffers when courses exist only to “check a box.” Increase e-learning and business impact with actionable creativity and design tips in this e-book.

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Articulate 360 and Accessible E-Learning

Accessible E-Learning Checklist

Learn how to create accessible e-learning from closed captioning to contrast ratios and more.

Close skills gaps with science-based learning.

Close Skills Gaps with Science-Based Learning

Dive deep into the skills gap crisis, its impact on the workforce, and how to avoid common training mistakes and deliver measurable business outcomes.

Three essential soft skills for teams in the modern workplace: collaboration, adaptability, and communication.

The Top 3 Soft Skills Your Employees Need in the New World of Work

Communication, problem-solving, and adaptability are essential soft skills for workplace success. Discover key tactics for how to hire and train for them.

How to Help Your L&D Team Thrive

How to Help Your L&D Team Thrive

This e-book breaks down how business leaders can set up their L&D teams for success by setting the right goals, hiring the right team, and choosing the right tools

The Ultimate Guide to Better Training

The Ultimate Guide to Better Training

This e-book is the ultimate guide to save money, improve performance, boost retention, and create better training with e-learning tools.

Engaging product training - quick start guide

Engaging Product Training—Quick Start Guide

This guide explores how to provide effective pharmaceutical and medical device training for your team and external learners, such as surgeons and nurses.

Customer service training guide - quick start tips for engaging interactions.

Engaging Customer Service Training—Quick Start Guide

Quick and easy call center agent training is possible. Check out our quick start guide and learn how to get better training outcomes and waste less agent time in traditional training courses.

E-book cover shows a person paying for a pair of jeans at a retail store

Engaging Retail Training—Quick Start Guide

Check out our quick start guide to creating and distributing engaging retail training. Get a quick and easy start on one of the biggest challenges of retail ops.

A comprehensive guide to medical and Pharmaceutical training

Your Guide to Medical and Pharmaceutical Training

The pharmaceuticals and medical device industries are complex. Explore our guide to moving past clunky traditional LMS to give better training to both team members and external learners in medical fields.