Content Library 360

An ever-expanding source of 12+ million gorgeous training course assets.

Build beautiful e-learning in no time

Create professional looking, effective training assets faster than ever—at no added cost. Content Library 360 gives you access to an ever-expanding library of 12+ million images and customizable slide templates designed by pros. And it’s included with your Articulate 360 subscription.

If we enter a new market and need to dig into a particular product or selling concept, it takes just a few moments to create professional-looking training content. We can then share that training with the field team almost instantly.

Alison Woodage E-Learning Developer

Connect with learners using characters and trainer avatars

Make your training material relatable by adding more than 100,000 combinations of photographic and illustrated characters, expressions, and poses to your course. Select from a range of industries and professions to show learners how your content applies to them.

Content library

Access 12+ million photos, videos, and other training materials

Find the perfect image without interrupting your workflow. Search from our massive library of royalty-free assets right from Storyline 360 or Rise 360, and insert them with a few clicks. You’ll have all the photos, icons, videos, illustrations, and vector graphics you could ever need—at no extra cost.

Speed up training course creation

Get to “Wow!” faster than ever before with easy-to-incorporate course assets.

Start quickly

Start quickly

Select from hundreds of prebuilt layouts, scenario starters, interactions, and infographics—all designed to engage corporate and workplace learners.

Stay in the zone

Stay in the zone

Search and import images from within Storyline 360 and download templates and characters directly from Storyline 360 and Studio 360, so you’ll never have to interrupt your workflow to find the perfect asset.

Learn while you build

Learn while you build

Every template includes educational tips from industry pros on how to use slide elements most effectively.

Customize courses with ease

Use a complete template, or select a few slide types and customize from there. Slide objects are organized, labeled, and intelligently grouped, making it easy to adjust them on the fly. Plus, all templates are tied into font and color themes, so you can effortlessly alter them to match your corporate branding. And because the Content Library 360 photo and video library and templates are fully integrated, you can search from 12+ million assets and swap out placeholder photos and images with a few clicks.

Content Library Background Illustration

New training assets—no added cost

Fresh templates and images are continuously added to Content Library 360, so you have an ever‑expanding library of assets at your fingertips, at no additional cost.

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