Accessibility at Articulate

Our Commitment

At Articulate, we believe everyone deserves equal access to learning and development opportunities—regardless of ability. As the #1 platform for course creators the world over, we’re committed to continually improving the accessibility features of our apps, so e-learning professionals are empowered to deliver online training all learners can enjoy.

But empowering creators goes beyond our products. We’re also committed to sharing our expertise through community education and resources. By advocating for accessibility and providing insights, support, and inspiration to the e-learning community, we’re helping today’s course creators become tomorrow’s accessibility advocates.

As a human-centered organization, we’re also working hard to improve ourselves by creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace. We’re holding ourselves accountable for pushing accessibility into every corner of our organization.

Being committed to accessibility doesn’t mean we’re doing it perfectly. It means we’re doing our best to continually learn, grow, and evolve our products and business practices, so they’re as accessible as possible. We’re eager to share some of the milestones along our accessibility journey—where we’ve been and where we’re headed—through the resources on this page.

Evolving Our Product Accessibility Conformance

We know that accessible e-learning is a legal requirement for many organizations—and a business imperative. You can’t reach, engage, and empower your diverse teams without giving them equal access to training and education.

That’s why we’ve spent the last several years focused on product accessibility features. To help us prioritize this work, we’ve partnered with accessibility experts Deque and Fable and worked directly with 100+ accessibility-focused customers.

Today, we are proud to share that our course creation apps—Rise 360 and Storyline 360—broadly support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 AA criteria. And because technical compliance doesn’t always guarantee true accessibility, we’re also working closely with usability testers who rely on assistive tools like screen readers to help us continuously improve our products and ensure the best possible experience for all learners.

To dig into the details of how our apps align with the WCAG standards, check out our conformance reports below:

While we’re proud of the progress we’ve made with our products, we also know our work will never be done. That’s why we’re sharing all the latest developments through our Rise 360 and Storyline 360 accessibility journals.

Giving Back to the E-Learning Community

Helping course creators be successful is in our DNA at Articulate. Creators can find accessibility knowledge and best practices in three key ways.

First is through E-Learning Heroes, our 1+ million member community for e-learning professionals, where we’ve centered the needs of course creators for over a decade by providing free educational resources, practical tips, examples, and best practices covering all aspects of course creation—including accessibility.

In E-Learning Heroes, creators can find an ever-growing array of accessibility-focused content, such as:

The second way is through Articulate 360 Training, which is included in a subscription to Articulate 360. Articulate 360 Training gives creators access to live and on-demand webinars led by industry experts with many topics focused on how to build accessible e-learning. Our team of pros demonstrate accessibility features in Articulate apps, share practical advice, model accessibility best practices, and answer accessibility questions from creators.

Finally, we advocate for accessibility in the broader e-learning industry. By contributing content, and sponsoring and promoting accessibility-focused topics at industry events, we aim to help all course creators grow their knowledge and skills.

Employing Accessibility-Forward Business Practices

At the core of our human-centered organization is the belief that we are all works in progress. We’re continuously striving for a more inclusive company culture, including educating our employees on the topic of accessibility. We’re creating space for employee-led initiatives like our cross-functional, accessibility-focused working group and our accessibility book club.

We’re also investing in facilitated, immersive learning led by outside accessibility experts— and creating our own library of online courses on accessibility. Through these learning experiences, we’re fostering deeper empathy and understanding while empowering our people with tools and skills to become accessibility advocates within their teams.

We believe our accessibility advocates are instrumental in laying the groundwork for future progress by championing more inclusive business practices throughout our organization. Under their guidance, we’re exploring ways to incorporate accessibility into many other areas, such as our recruiting and hiring practices and vendor and partner selection criteria.

Connect with Us

Equity and inclusion lie at the heart of our accessibility journey. We’re so excited to continue growing and sharing our progress with you. If you have accessibility stories, feedback, or questions, please share them with us in any of the following ways.

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