A simple way to create and distribute e‑learning

With Articulate 360, it’s easy to create the engaging training your workforce needs—from snackable microlearning to highly interactive courses. Simplify online course creation with best-in-class authoring tools Storyline 360 and Rise 360, a project review app, 10+ million templates and assets, and expert training resources. Learners can access training created in Articulate 360 when and where they need it, whether through a learning management system (LMS), the web, or Reach 360.

Reach 360 is a premium add-on to Articulate 360 that lets you quickly distribute training directly to external and hard-to-reach learners, such as contractors, partners, franchises, and deskless workers. Whether you’re looking for an LMS alternative or need to distribute training outside of your current LMS, Reach 360 is a simple, cost-effective way to train more learners.

Discover the benefits of fast, flexible e-learning with Articulate 360 and Reach 360. Watch the video below to learn more and start a free 30-day trial today.

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Make e-learning creation and distribution effortless with Articulate 360 and Reach 360

Articulate 360

Articulate 360: Award-winning creator tools—Rise 360 and Storyline 360— and resources, designed by industry experts and continuously updated with new features.

Reach 360

Reach 360: Premium add-on for distributing training to external and hard-to-reach learners like deskless workers, contractors, and partners.

Articulate 360 + Reach 360

Articulate 360 + Reach 360: Flexible, scalable, and loved by customers. Empower your team to create and distribute impactful training with Articulate 360 and Reach 360.

If we enter a new market and need to dig into a particular product or selling concept, it takes just a few moments to create professional-looking training content. We can then share that training with the field team almost instantly.

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Amber Weinfurtner SVP of Sales