Reskilling, Retention,
and Resilience

Rapid digitization has drastically altered the workplace, with no signs of slowing down. In a 2022 White House report examining AI’s impact on the future of work, researchers found that new technology is creating jobs never seen before. In fact, more than 60% of U.S. employment in 2018 was found in job titles that didn’t exist in 1940. So how can organizations remain resilient amid so much change?

This e-book explores how pioneering companies embrace agile learning strategies to maximize both automation’s benefits and human potential. By investing in fast, flexible skills training for the entire workforce, organizations can increase retention and productivity and confidently tackle change.

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Reskill your workforce for retention and resilience

Here are a few topics we’ll cover in the e-book:

  • Why responsive skills training is essential to maximize both automation’s benefits and human potential
  • The four pillars of an agile skills training framework
  • How employee learning and growth link directly to retention

A skills-based approach boosts productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness by better aligning workers with work that fits their skills and capabilities, including technical skills, soft or human skills, and potential future skills in adjacent areas. Organizations that do this effectively can unleash worker potential to drive greater value and are 52% more likely to be innovative.