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If you build online training courses then odds are you’ll need some text callouts. In a previous post, I shared 45 free hand-drawn callouts. They’re great to use in your elearning courses, especially for interactive scenarios as in the simple example below.

Articulate Rapid E-Learning Blog - example of interactive callouts

Click here to view demo.

Someone emailed me the other day looking for some of the free callouts in the community so I thought I may as well create a single post with links to all of the free callouts currently available in the community.

100 Free Callouts & Text Bubbles

Below are links to the free callouts. You’re free to use them as you wish.

Hopefully you’ll find some use for the free assets.

Here’s a question. What do you call these? Sometimes I call them speech or text bubbles. Some people call them chat clouds. What do you call them?

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7 responses to “More than 100 Free Callouts for Your Online Course Design”

I have always called them text bubbles, but I hear “text cloud” (and thought cloud) a lot. Maybe it’s a regional thing?

Thanks for providing these. Once again, you are saving me a bunch of time.

@NG: they are image files so download the files and then insert them as images like you would any other image.

These are great. How do I use them?

Keep all the articles coming. I love reading through your things. Cheers.

I’ve also been creating my own custom callouts using the new Shape Union feature in Powerpoint. I usually add the ‘Moon’ shape to a rectangle, circle, or cloud. So far it has worked well!

@Jeff: I do the same thing. In fact, I have a blog post in the queue showing how. I like to use the thunder bolt because it has a good angle on it.

These hand-written callouts are great. With this, I can see some font that looks more hand-written, as well. Does anyone know where I could download some free fonts that could maintain this same look and feel to the bubbles (i.e hand-written fonts)? Thanks for any suggestions!