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The following table compares the Articulate Storyline features supported in Flash, HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player (AMP). Refer to this table during the planning and development stages of your projects for the best results in the environments you're targeting.

Hover over highlighted cells for additional notes.

  Flash HTML5 AMP
Engage interactions    
Freeform interactions
PowerPoint presentations (see note below)
Quizmaker quizzes (see note below)
Screen recordings
Slide layers
Zoom regions

Note: Generally speaking, content that is imported from PowerPoint and Quizmaker will be supported in Flash, HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player. However, if the source content includes any features that aren't supported in HTML5 or the Articulate Mobile Player, those items simply won't work when viewed in those environments. Review the rest of this article for details.

  Flash HTML5 AMP
Freeform: Drag and Drop
Freeform: Hotspots
Freeform: Pick Many
Freeform: Pick One
Freeform: Shortcut Keys    
Freeform: Text Entry
Graded questions
Print results    
Quiz timer  
Slide draws from question banks
Survey questions
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Picture Effects/Styles
Shape Effects/Styles
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Flash (SWF) files N/A    
Simultaneous audio/video  
Videos with alpha channel transparency N/A
Web Objects
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Variable references
Interactive Elements
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Data entry fields
Scrolling panels
Trigger Actions
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Common: Change state of
Common: Show layer
Common: Hide layer
Common: Jump to slide
Common: Jump to scene
Common: Lightbox slide
Common: Close lightbox
Media: Play media
Media: Pause media
Media: Stop media
Interaction: Submit interaction
Course: Restart course
Course: Exit course
More: Adjust variable
More: Jump to URL/File
More: Send email to
More: Execute JavaScript  
Quiz: Submit results
Quiz: Review results
Quiz: Reset results
Quiz: Print results    
Trigger Timings
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Click: When user clicks
Click: When user double-clicks
Click: When user right-clicks  
Click: When user clicks outside  
Timeline: When timeline starts
Timeline: When timeline ends
Drag and Drop: When object dragged over
Drag and Drop: When object dropped on
Other: When user presses a key  
Other: When state changes
Other: When variable changes
Other: When mouse hovered over
Other: When media completes
Other: When control loses focus
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Slide transitions
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Hover states
All other states
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Keyboard shortcuts   N/A
Section 508 accessibility support    
Slide-specific player controls
Slides advance automatically
Player: Features
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Custom tabs
Sidebar on left
Sidebar on right  
Topbar left tabs
Topbar right tabs
Volume slider  
Player: Menu
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Auto-collapse menu as learner progresses
Auto-number entries in menu
Navigation (Free, Restricted, Locked)  
Show tooltip on hover   N/A
Wrap long menu item titles  
Player: Colors & Effects
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Background color  
Color schemes  
Player font    
Player: Text Labels
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Custom text labels (localization)
Player: Other
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Browser size (current, optimal, fill)   N/A
Launch in new window N/A
Launch in new window: Display window with no browser controls N/A
Launch in new window: Allow user to resize   N/A
Player size (optimal, fill) N/A
Resume (prompt, always, never)
Text: Left to right
Text: Right to left
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Articulate Online: Viewing Content
Articulate Online: Tracking & Reporting
LMS: Viewing Content
LMS: Tracking & Reporting
Switch between Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player without losing progress in Articulate Online
Switch between Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player without losing progress in an LMS
Web Browsers
  Flash HTML5 AMP
Firefox Limited N/A
Google Chrome N/A
Internet Explorer 6   N/A
Internet Explorer 7   N/A
Internet Explorer 8   N/A
Internet Explorer 9 Limited N/A
Internet Explorer 10 Limited N/A
Internet Explorer 11 Limited N/A
Mobile Safari   N/A
Safari N/A

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