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Use the View tab of Slide View to insert text, shapes, callouts, video and sound to your quiz layout.

To manage the Insert tab:

  1. Select and open an existing question in your quiz or survey or create a new question.
  2. Click the Slide View from the top ribbon.
  3. Select Insert tab from the menu.

The Insert tab is divided into the following sections:

  1. Choices
    • The Add Choice button allows you to add an extra choice to a question (applies only to Multiple Choice and Multiple Response quiz type questions and Pick One and Pick Many survey type questions).
  2. Illustrations
    • Picture: Select this button to insert a picture from a file.
    • Shapes: Select this option to insert ready-made shapes, such as rectangles, circles, arrows, lines, and callouts.

  3. Text
    • Text Box: Insert a text box into the slide.
    • Hyperlink: Select this option to create a link to a Web page, a picture, an e-mail address, or a program. To learn more, see Adding Hyperlinks in Form View.
    • Symbol: Click this button to insert characters that are not on your keyboard, such as copyright symbols, trademark symbols, paragraph marks, and Unicode characters.To learn more, see Inserting Symbols.
  4. Media Clips
    • Flash: Click the Flash button to add a .SWF, .FLV or .MP4 video into the slide.
    • Sound: Click the Sound button to import or record a sound clip or music into the slide.
      • Record Mic to open the Record Audio box.
      • Import Audio to select either a WAV file or MP3.

      To learn more, see Adding Audio in Form View.

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