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If you've published presentations with Articulate Presenter 4 or 5, they may not load when viewed with Flash Player 10.
To fix this problem, do the following:

  1. Download and install the Articulate Updater for Adobe Flash Player 10.
  2. Double-click the gray Flash 10 Updater icon you'll see on your desktop.
  3. When the application launches, first Scan this computer to update any local presentations and to ensure that your installed version of Presenter gets updated.
  4. Optionally, uncheck your local drive(s) and specify Additional folders to scan to reduce scan time.
  5. Click Start Scan to begin the scan, then follow the prompts to update the found files.
  6. Next, run the updater again to Scan a website using FTP. This will update all of your online courses hosted on your website or in your LMS. If you do not have FTP access to your website, contact your server administrator, web host, or LMS provider for assistance.

NOTE: You do not need to republish your existing courses; the updater will update the necessary files to ensure your courses will be compatible with Flash Player 6,0,79 through Flash Player 10. If you do run the updater locally, however, and re-upload your content to your website, ensure that your FTP application uses binary transfer mode to upload your content, or the XML files may get corrupted during upload and it may appear that the Flash updater did not work.

Frequently Asked Questions about the updater:

What exactly is the issue with presentations viewed with Flash Player 10?

A Flash file used to play your presentations (stealthray.swf) cannot accurately detect the version number of the newly released Flash 10 Player. The updater will update the stealthray.swf and player.html files to correctly detect the Flash Player 10 version number.

Which files does the updater update?

The updater will scan your computer, your web servers (using FTP), or any network drives to locate old stealthray.swf and player.html files from published presentations. It will then replace them with new stealthray.swf player.htmlfiles that accurately detect the Flash Player 10 version number.

Can I update the stealthray.swf files manually?

No, there are several versions of stealthray.swf and you will likely update the wrong version. Only the updater should be used to update the stealthray.swf files.

Will the updater also update Presenter 5 so that new presentations I publish will work with Flash Player 10?

Yes, the updater will also update your installed Articulate Presenter 5 files so that any new presentations you publish will work correctly with Adobe Flash Player 10.

What are the system requirements for running the updater?

Running the updater application requires the following:

The updater will update files hosted on any type of standard Web server, including Windows (IIS) and Linux/Unix (Apache).

Is there a a Linux version of the application?

Yes, Articulate Updater for Adobe Flash Player 10 for Linux was released December 16, 2008 as version 1.0.

Will the updater scan ZIP files for stealthray.swf?

Yes, the updater will scan ZIP files both locally and via FTP. This feature was introduced in version 1.0.811.2510, which was released November 25, 2008.

If I've only ever used Presenter '09, do I need the update?

No, presentations published with Presenter '09 do not require the update. Presenter '09 already works with Flash Player 10.

What versions of Flash Player do Articulate Presenter 4 & 5 support?

Articulate Presenter 5 supports Flash Players 6,7,8,9 and now 10 with this update.

If I reinstall Articulate Presenter 5 after I've run the update, will I need to run the update again?

Yes, you will need to run the updater each time you reinstall Articulate Presenter 5. You only need to run the update once on published files.

Are other Articulate authoring tools affected by Flash Player 10?

The Articulate Engage 1.x authoring tool will not run if Flash Player 10 is installed. This updater will fix this issue, too.

Output from Articulate Quizmaker 2.x and Quizmaker '09, Articulate Engage 1.x and Engage '09, and Articulate Video Encoder '09 all work with Flash Player 10 and require no updates to the published content.

Do I need to update presentations in my Articulate Online account?

No. We performed a batch update of all presentations hosted on Articulate Online on Saturday, October 25, 2008.

When was this updater first released and what's the latest version?

The updater was initially released on October 15, 2008, the same day Flash Player 10 was released.

The latest version is 1.0.902.2416, which was released February 26, 2009.

You can see the version you're using in the lower left-hand corner of the updater. If you don't see a version number noted, you're probably not using the latest.

How can I tell if I'm running Flash Player 10?

Right-click on any Flash content. You will see "About Adobe Flash Player 10." You can also visit this URL to test the version of Flash Player you currently have installed.

Do I need to republish my courses?

No, there's no need to republish your courses since the updater will go through all your published content and take care of the updates for you.

The updater will also update your installed version of Presenter so that new courses you publish will be compatible with Flash Player 10.

Do I need to do anything else to view my presentations after running this update?

In Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 (Windows), you may view the updated presentation by simply closing your browser and relaunching it. Other browsers, including Firefox (Windows and Mac) and Safari (Windows and Mac), may require you to clear your cache in order to view the updated versions of your presentations.

Does this mean that every user of my training who has Flash Player 10 installed must download and run the updater?

No. The only thing your users may need to do is re-open their Web browsers and/or clear their cache (see previous question for more details).

Will I have the same problem when future versions of Flash Player are released?

No. We’ve contacted Adobe and have taken appropriate measures to ensure this won’t ever happen again.

Does the updater create a log file I can view?

Yes, you can view the updater log file in the following location:

  • Windows Vista: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Articulate\Flash10Updater
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Articulate\Flash10Updater.

Does the updater create any additional files?

Yes, the updater will make backup copies of your stealthray.swf, player.html, and ZIP files before updating them. The new files will be called stealthray_backup.swf, player_backup.html, and <zip-file-name> Once you've confirmed that the updater has worked to your satisfaction, you can remove the backup files or just keep them where they are.

Where can I get more questions answered?

Contact us if you still have questions.

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