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“Storyline can easily cut my development time in half, possibly even more. It’s a really easy case to make to the higher-ups. I must add that it is awesome to an almost overwhelming degree! (In a good way!)”

Kayla Burtch, Curriculum Consultant Leap ESL

“This is just amazing! E-learning on an iPad?! Simply fantastic!”

Jimmy Glenos, Director MLI

“I’m already so impressed with the balance of power and ease of use. It’s a joy to use, even while learning.”

Judy Unrein, Instructional Designer

“I’m too busy tittering with inane delight to formulate an adjective.”

Brian Houle, E-Learning Developer University of South Carolina

“It’s really the little things that make Storyline so friggin’ cool. Storyline. Simple. Powerful. Once you get a taste of the power, it’s sooo hard not to work in Storyline. Even for the most basic of courses, Storyline allows you to augment with lots of cool features.”

Mike Enders, OwnerEnders Design

“Storyline is the ONLY tool that seems to be able to handle everything I’ve thrown at it. The screen recording capabilities in Storyline are like none other. It’s pretty awesome, and that alone should win some awards for Storyline (not to mention all the other cool stuff).”

Linda Ross, Principal Leading Architect

“With Storyline, you can build complex interactions using a set of simple features—triggers, variables, and other fun additions—making Storyline THE tool for creating amazing e-learning. Whether you are a programmer or designer, it works the way you expect it to. Your learners will love what you build with Storyline.”

Thomas TothdWeb Studios and Catapult Training Group

“I’m constantly amazed by the flexibility and power of Storyline’s quizzing features. Who knew creating drag-and-drop activities could be so easy?”

Gerry Wasiluk, Retired LMS/E-Learning Manager3M

“WOW!!! Screen recording feature is FANTASTIC. You Storyline programmers are my heroes. Simple, easy to use, and terrific zoom and editing features. You just knocked my socks off.”

Suzanne Reimolds, E-Learning Development SpecialistMaricopa Integrated Health Systems

“Articulate has seriously listened to the community’s requests and given us the tool we need to take our e-learning development soaring to new heights! Kudos!”

Diana Jaffe, E-Learning DevelopereVision-Design

“With the addition of triggers, variables, and layers combined with its ease of use, Articulate Storyline is about to put some of the additional software we use out to pasture.”

Celestial Homes, Instructional DesignerScholastic Book Fairs

“I don’t think I’ve ever been addicted to a piece of software before. My colleagues are sick of me saying, ‘When we get Storyline ...!’”

Phil Mayor, Education LeadEast Midlands CancerNetwork

“Just tell me where you want me to send my payment for Storyline. You can have it right now! The more I try this product, the more I want it.”

Mark Fletcher

“Another feature of Storyline that cannot be overlooked: this AMAZING, helpful community of passionate people who share what they know. The community site is laid out well and supported like crazy. It’s easy to find answers and full of lots of free resources and tips. Articulate does it right!”

Jill McNairE-learning Designer

“Very excited about Storyline. So many things we had to create manually before are automated!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!”

Mark Dawdybmpowered Training

“The program is terrific, there’s so much functionality to play with!”

Helene Geiger, CEOPrometheus Training

“Storyline fits my needs because it is one complete package. I like that I am not limited to only using templates to create interactivity. My learners need courses that are short and really attention grabbing, and I was not able to meet those needs as well as I am now in Storyline.”

Eric Nalian, Learning and Development SpecialistSun Communications

“Very exciting! Played with Storyline last night until my eyes bled. It’s coming together soooo well and a lot of people down here in Australia are REALLY excited!”

Dean Saunders, E-Learning DevelopereCreators

“I tried importing some interactions I created in PowerPoint and was pleasantly surprised at how faithfully the file was converted. Fabulous job! Because the interface is so ‘PowerPoint-like,’ if you are quick with PowerPoint you will be pretty quick with Storyline. I am wowed...”

Kit Horton, Vice PresidentWilliam Horton Consulting

“I’m not worthy. Damn this is good!”

Jeffrey Kortenbosch, E-Learning SpecialistAkzoNobel

“Amazing! So many great new tools and freedom. This moves things to a whole new level. I’m loving the free-form nature of Storyline and the different kinds of creative ideas it gives me with a whole new palette of possibilities.”

Brett Rockwood

“Storyline rocks!! I so LOVE my Storyline!”

Brenda Heilman, E-Learning Content SpecialistGeographical Center of North America

“I will build everything in Storyline.”

Michael Gallagher, E-Learning Content Developer

“Storyline is my one-stop shop for production!”

Brenda Wright, Educational Technology Program SpecialistArizona Department of Education

“I can’t believe that I will be able to take the images and ideas from my brain and actually make it happen without compromise. This is too much for me. I haven’t slept in two days…My brain is just running...Now I don’t need to stress about not having a programming background. I have Storyline.”

Zara King, Training DesignerMoniam

“I’m a little overwhelmed by the awesomeness.”

Joe Deegan, E-Learning ConsultantJ Deegan Consulting

“Storyline, in a word, is phenomenal. It’s by far the most user-friendly e-learning software that I have ever had the pleasure to work with! Storyline is so easy to use that it takes what used to be the somewhat tedious task of creating training and turned it into a hobby. I am definitely sold! If I had to describe Storyline in a word, it would be ‘FUN’!! I’ll be converting all of my training modules over to Storyline. Thanks to everyone at Articulate for creating this awesome product!”

Frank Natt, Health and Safety ManagerMorrison Homes

“All I can say ... is WOW ... I have seen a fabulous array of features, enough to keep me producing for my clients for years.”

Bruce GrahamPerfect Performance Training, Ltd.

“More than awesome.”

Gabriele Dovis, E-Learning Project ManagerAlgoritmi

“Storyline is far exceeding my expectations!”

Steve Gannon, Principal ConsultantGanTek Multimedia

“I have really enjoyed beta testing Storyline. One of my favorite features that seems so simple, but is such a time-saver, is the ability to just ‘click’ on a button and have it automatically create the various actions (visited, etc.). Before Storyline, if I wanted to create the actions for a button, I had to copy, paste, change colors, make sure I had them perfectly lined up on top of each other, and hook up hyperlinks.”

Margot Wenko, E-Learning ManagerLas Vegas Metropolitan Police

“Storyline can do it all.”

Patrick OGrady

“Articulate Storyline has already become my go-to e-learning authoring tool. Its ‘ease of use vs. power’ value proposition is compelling. It’s strong in both areas. Storyline is attractive, well thought out, even elegant. With Storyline, what you see is still less than what you get. There’s a lot of cool, impressive technology that you don’t see. This tool is going to be a big-time winner!”

Kevin MulvihillSudden Insight

“We’ve been testing out Storyline for a few weeks now and have been really pleased with everything we’ve seen. The Articulate team really seems to have anticipated everything in an elegant product. At a few points during my initial review I thought ‘Gee, it would be real nice if I could ...’ and then lo and behold, the feature was right there at my fingertips. I shouldn’t sound too surprised because this is the kind of stuff we can expect from Articulate.”

Michael Getz, PresidentIllumina Interactive, Inc.

“LOVE the character idea. It’s great to be able to illustrate scenarios without taking 9,000 pictures yourself (and waaaaaayy faster). Also LOVE LOVE LOVE the layers show/hide based on triggers, so you don’t have to ‘code’ each individual object, but can do any number of objects in one group—or even lots of groups. The triggers and actions interface is a HUGE aspect—so much easier (and faster) to create your custom interactions than trying to figure it out in other software like Flash. The interface as a whole is obviously really easy to use and familiar.”

Meg Bertapelle, Instructional DesignerIntuitive Surgical, Inc.

“I’m feeling so behind Storyline. I have to break my old ways of thinking how some things aren’t possible, and now they are!”

Heather Steckley, Senior Curriculum DeveloperCorepoint Health

“I just downloaded the beta version and I’m in love with it already!”

Zdravko Gunjevic, Technical Training Material DeveloperChristie Digital

“I am loving the product more with every release candidate and as I learn how the new features work.”

Brent deMoville, Senior Director, HRAllergan

“The content finalization took about a month. The development and putting it all together in Storyline took only four hours. Being able to put a course together that fast is just mind blowing. I just wanted to say Storyline is freak-fun-tas-mic!”

Mashrur Nabi,

“I had recently been learning how to do Flash just enough to make rollovers, menus, etc. What took me days to learn was done easily in a matter of minutes in Storyline. This is an amazing piece of software. Thanks again, Articulate.”

Tim Hillier, Director of Professional DevelopmentM.D. Ambulance

“I have seen a fabulous array of features, enough to keep me producing for my clients for years. I am sure that I will never touch some of the functionality, however, the ability to do things something that my clients are already anticipating highly.”

Bruce GrahamPerfect Performance Training, Ltd.

“Thanks to the Articulate folks for making such wonderful products and thanks to the forum members for help and inspiration.”

Jeff Pankin, Training ConsultantMIT

“I am very impressed with these clickable buttons. I am always so impressed with the level of support and free content Articulate provide. Articulate rocks!”

Mark Fletcher

“Just need to say—what an incredible tool. The sheer flexibility alone has made a world of difference. Creating interactive, authentic interactions is sooo much easier.”

Frank Glover, OwnerSBO Learning Group

“This is my first peek at Storyline. WOW! I love it. I may never do any Flash again.”

Kathy Hartman, OwnerYour Training Place

“I just started thoroughly testing all the Articulate products and I’m quickly becoming a big fan. I had a chance to get a 1:1 preview of Storyline and everything people have said is true, it’s amazing. I truly believe Storyline is a game-changer, so my old colleagues have some tough battles ahead of them, especially with the stellar community Articulate has and the unmatched support they give their customers.”

RJ Jacquez, Former Adobe Senior EvangelistAdobe Systems

“*Jaw drops to floor* The TRY MODE feature is absolutely amazing! If we only had this four years ago when we had to deploy an online training for a new enterprise software to 8000+ users.”

Mashrur Nabi,

“As a recent Storyline beta user, I must say that the only current limitation of the tool is my imagination. The ability to create branches and layers really allows me to teach people as they experience challenges, and not force them into linear learning.”

Alan Versteeg, VP Sales OptimizationHiredResults

“Storyline seems to really be the first product that matches all of my needs (the addition of the screen recording and variables closed holes I needed), and I’m really looking forward to the launch.”

Hugh Gardner, Instructional Design SpecialistPurdue University

“The try mode is amazing! That would have taken me so long to do before and not with near as much style.”

K Hart, Learning Management AdministratorLexington Medical Center

“You will be amazed at the power of this software. The more you get into it the more it will boggle your mind.”

Tim Hillier, Director of Professional DevelopmentM.D. Ambulance

“Just spent an intensive four days or so playing with the product and learning about what it can do and I may have only just scratched the surface. What you are building, supporting, and evangelizing here is a game-changer in our industry.”

Bruce Graham, Instructional DesignerPerfect Performance Training

“Storyline will definitely shake up the industry in a big way. A truly fresh approach that will help us produce the next generation of training material. Thank you, Articulate team, for a breath of fresh air!”

Paul Trainer, E-Learning ManagerGreat Southern Institute of Technology

“I really love Storyline and all its features. It’s going to make my life and my team’s life so much easier.”

Pam Getty, Instructional DesignerAmerigroup Real Solutions

“The forums make the software a complete user experience! You folks rock!”

Bonnie Jeansonne, Teacherfvdes

“Storyline is going to do two things: Make me very busy! Let me produce content that makes people go WOW!”

Craig Walsh

“I am drinking the Storyline Kool-Aid … it’s hands-down the most robust tool I have used. I know I need to sleep but I just keep going back to Storyline. I just cannot help myself.”

Rob Blankenship, President and Co-founderEMSono

“*Takes a big sip from Storyline Kool-Aid.* I genuinely think Storyline is going to revolutionize the industry … a lot of courses can now be done in-house without requiring programming expertise. Storyline will also open a whole new market for SMEs to be able to design courses on their own. Well done, team. P.S. I stayed up 20+ hours straight working with Storyline (addiction is not the word). Your imagination literally is the limit.”

Mashrur Nabi,

“You had me at allowing developers to create custom states for images and buttons. Very refreshing to see features in Storyline that help eliminate a good deal of Flash development.”

Alvin LawrenceBechtel Corporation

“Just built my first course with Articulate Storyline. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had creating a course. Nice work, fellas!!!”

Dave DannenbergInstructional Technology Expert

“I’m a long time Captivate user and must say I am very, very impressed by what I am seeing in Storyline. Wow! Kudos to your development team.”

Kevin Siegel, PresidentIconLogic

“I tested the screen recording feature ... and I was blown away with the output! In less than five minutes I had an interactive, step-by-step tutorial that could have potentially taken heaps more time.”

Peter LePageTraining Specialist/Instructional Designer

“Storyline offers an incredibly powerful set of tools that are very easy to understand. For what Storyline is capable of doing, it is VERY well-designed from a simplicity perspective.”

Bruce Graham, Instructional DesignerPerfect Performance Training

“So simple but very powerful. You guys at Articulate rock.”

Jilo Esmail, E-Learning Hobbyist

“I have to share the praise for Storyline. We just put the first Storyline project up on our LMS and the director of operations was blown away ... the level of interactivity that is possible with Storyline significantly raised the bar. Having the timeline feature made multi-character voice-overs a piece of cake and the ability to insert characters whose expressions change in concert with the user’s interactions brought the whole project to life. This should be a real game-changer.”

Brent deMoville, Senior Director of HRAllergan, Inc.

“Love, love Articulate for making Storyline so efficient for us as developers and easy for the end-user!”

Angie Johnson, E-Learning DeveloperEvangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society

“I believe this product is truly special.”

Phil Mayor, Education LeadEast Midlands CancerNetwork

“Just came back from perhaps one of the most exhilarating seven hours of my career. We played jazz effortlessly … we changed, we demoed, we discussed, we had an absolute ball. Storyline is an awesome tool to work with, and clients are fascinated by seeing what is under the hood. I think we probably cut four to five days off normal ‘exchanging emails’ production time. Did Storyline behave under fire? Storyline passed with flying colors. I can do everything I always wanted to do, plus everything I dreamed of ever doing, in Storyline.”

Bruce Graham, Instructional DesignerPerfect Performance Training

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