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Accident Investigation Demo

by Rob Clark for the U.S. Department of Energy, National Training Center

Featuring a deliciously dark film noir look, this award-winning U.S. Department of Energy course guides learners through an accident investigation in a realistic—and highly engrossing—way. With its black-and-white videos, interactive activities, and real-world environment, the course makes learning accident investigation procedures irresistibly interesting.

Sales Orientation

by ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Inc.

This course takes full advantage of the most powerful features in Storyline, including software simulation, drag-and-drop interactions, variables, triggers, states, and slide layers. With its wonderfully rich interactivity and thoughtful scenarios, the course not only teaches, it entertains.

SMS Treasure


It’s never been so fun to learn about safety management systems. Treasure hunts, dragons, gladiators, games … what more could a learner want? See triggers, slide layers, states, drag-and-drop activities, and more in this delightfully humorous Storyline course.

Broken Co-Worker

by eLearnerEngaged

This comic strip-style Storyline course tackles a touchy topic with humor and creativity. It makes great use of quizzing, triggers, and slide layers.

Avoiding Meeting Missteps

by DFLearning

This well-conceived Storyline course features a cool customized player, illustrated and photographic characters, drag-and-drop activities, lightboxes, freeform quizzes, and more.

DC Fundamentals: The Role of Electrons

by eLearnerEngaged

This engaging, Storyline educational course takes advantage of many great features, including click-and-reveal interactions, drag-and-drop activities, imported video, and embedded YouTube video.

Enders Collection

by Enders Design

Six Storyline demos rolled into one. We especially like the planets demo, which features triggers-powered interactivity, and the “crack the safe” brain twister, which makes great use of variables (Not iPad optimized.).

Social Media Guidelines at Hitachi Data Systems

by Hitachi Data Systems

Bob steals the show in this Storyline course. Triggers and slide layers bring the wonderful artwork to life, while the customized player tastefully complements the content.

U.S. State Capitals

by Kevin Thorn, NuggetHead Studioz

There’s a lot to like in this Storyline course: creative graphics, a quiz that’s actually a game, and an impressive game scoreboard powered by variables.


by eVision-Design

This information-packed Storyline course includes drag-and-drop activities, YouTube videos embedded in lightboxes, illustrated characters, and more.

Are You Busy?

by Artisan E-Learning

This Storyline activity really shows off the power of variables. It also features interesting graphics, creative activities, and markers.

State Facts

by Steve Gannon

This Storyline course makes memorizing state facts fun. It loads markers with information and reinforces geography lessons with drag-and-drop activities. (Not iPad optimized.)

Periodic Table

by Phil Mayor, Elearning Laboratory

This impressive interactive periodic table uses more than 7,000 triggers on one Storyline slide alone. Wow! See embedded web objects, variables, and amazing triggers in action. (Not iPad optimized.)

Green Monster

by Articulate

Ever wonder how to make a healthy green drink that tastes good? This cartoon uses slide layers, triggers, and states to create whimsical animations. Check out the innovative use of drag-and-drop activities, markers, and changing character and object states.

HP Envy

by Articulate

We used the triggers, states, markers, and embedded video features in Storyline to create this super-slick demo. You’d be amazed how easy it was.

Pandemic Flu Clinic Volunteer Staff Training

by Prometheus Training, LLC

This training course highlights a wide range of Storyline features. See hover-and-reveal actions, multiple choice quizzing, drag-and-drop activities, markers, imported video, embedded screen recordings, and more.

Creating Effective Meetings

by Articulate

We’ve packed rich interactivity into this short course on running meetings. See variables, click-and-reveal interactions, drag-and-drop activities, several types of quizzing, a lightbox with imported video, software simulation, markers, and more.

The New $5 Bill

by Articulate

Using just slide layers, we’ve recreated the Flash demonstration on the site. Showcasing the power of slide layers to create interactivity, this demo was built with just a few simple slides in Storyline.


by Articulate

You can turn anything into a drag-and-drop activity with Storyline. Try your hand at recreating a 3D box in this mind-twisting drag-and-drop activity.


by Articulate

A great little game showcasing how simple it is to create interactions using the powerful slide layers, triggers, and states features in Storyline.


by Articulate

Variables, slide layers, and triggers power this amusing math game, which includes just three slides—an introduction, bank of 12 questions, and a results slide. Answer a randomly presented question correctly to bump the monkey up the tree. Get five right and the monkey eats breakfast. Who knew variables could be so fun?

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