Arlyn Asch's Reasons to try Storyline 2
26 Reasons to Try Storyline 2 CTO Arlyn Asch demos his favorite new features.

Simplicity, meet power.

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Articulate Storyline 2

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Storyline 2

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Easy Authoring
Getting Started
Intuitive User Interface
Get started right away with an intuitive, familiar interface.
Text Editing
With the all-new text editor, easily customize text spacing, alignment, size, and color; insert custom font characters and bullets; and use all the features in your fonts, including ligatures.
Dockable Panels
Move the triggers, slide layers, timeline, states, notes, and scenes panels anywhere on your desktop or even to a second monitor.
Slide View Toggle
Toggle between Slide View and Form View in one window, so you can make changes to slides quickly and easily.
Content Importing
Easily import existing Articulate Storyline, PowerPoint, and Articulate Studio ’09 and ’13 projects.
New Languages
Storyline is now available in English, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish.
Slide Templates
Choose from new interactive templates, or download templates from the Articulate community to start building your course faster than ever.
Use relatable characters to show learners how your course applies to them. Choose from over 47,000 combinations of illustrated and photographic characters with adjustable poses and expressions.
Make objects, animations, trigger events, and other elements appear in the right place at the right time with the intuitive visual timeline.
Story View
See a single, big-picture view of your course with Story View. Use it to easily view, rearrange, and edit slide relationships and course structure.
Customizable Player
Customize colors, fonts, and other elements on the player learners use to view your course.
Slide Masters
Apply the same look and feel across multiple slides, and create various layouts and assign them to slides with certain types of content.
Apply design themes that include colors, fonts, and objects on your slide master to create a compelling look. Use one theme throughout your course or apply different themes to different slides.
Color Themes
Create beautiful, consistent slides using a built-in color theme. Or create a theme of your own to set color choices for text, shapes, backgrounds, and more.
Format Painter
Format any object on your slide, then copy your formatting to text boxes, shapes, buttons, characters, and more.
Zoom into important content. Magnify anything on your slide, and add a panning effect by combining multiple zoom regions.
Never lose your work. If Storyline closes unexpectedly, you’ll have the ability to reopen your file right where you left off.
Interactions and Animations
Motion Paths
Make objects move any way you want. Select from 10 different motion paths that can be triggered anywhere on the timeline, or by learner actions, and can start from an object’s initial or current position.
Slide Layers
With slide layers, you can easily overlay objects and trigger content to appear when learners take certain actions. No more duplicating and managing multiple slides. You create, edit, and manage multiple interactions on one slide and copy layers from one slide to another, speeding course development.
Build any interaction you can imagine by assigning triggers to an object from an easy-to-understand menu, choosing when and what kind of action you want to occur. Easily combine triggers to create increasingly complex interactions.
Make objects react to a learner's actions. From changing the color of a button when it’s clicked to the expression of a character, you can modify built-in states any way you want.
Slider Interactions
Quickly add a slider interaction to let learners manipulate data, explore cause-and-effect relationships, control objects and navigation, and more.
Convert to Freeform
With a few clicks, transform any static content into an interactive question or activity, including drag-and-drop quizzes, graphical multiple-choice questions, and more.
Add intelligence to your course with variables. Text and number variables let you capture and track learner input or actions, then present dynamic content based on their activity.
Add hover-and-reveal and click-and-reveal call-outs to your course quickly and easily. Simply place a marker on a slide and choose the images, pop-up text, or videos you want displayed.
Exit and Entrance Animations
Easily make any object zoom, bounce, swivel, and more with 15 exit and entrance animations.
Animation Painter
Create perfect animation effects for one object, then quickly apply those effects to other objects.
Choose from 11 new slide and layer transitions, plus existing transitions, including fade, push, circle, box, cover, dissolve, clock, and zoom, to add professional-looking transitions to your slides and layers.
Present any type of content in an easy, compelling way by triggering lightboxes to pop up when a learner clicks certain objects or player menu items.
Create interactivity in seconds with radio, submit, and checkbox buttons.
Make any portion of an object clickable by layering an invisible hotspot over it and triggering it to respond to learner actions.
Data-Entry Fields
Gather learner names and other information, then present it throughout your course to make it feel personal.
Mouse Objects
Add mouse cursors to your screenshot demo or software simulation to create a moving mouse effect. Customize how they sound, look, and move across the screen.
Scrolling Panels
Add scrolling panels to allow your learners to explore large images or text boxes without leaving the slide.
Media and Simulation
Screen Recording
Show learners exactly what you want them to grasp by recording your screen. Insert your recording into a slide as a demo, trial, assessment, or video, then easily add captions, characters, and zoom-and-pan effects.
Software Simulations
Create more accurate software simulations, demos, and tests faster than ever. Storyline segments your activity into multiple step-by-step tutorials, which you can edit without re-recording. Let learners watch how to do a task in View mode, try it in Try mode, and test their skills in Test mode.
Action Fine-Tuning
Fix mistakes, make edits, and even change the starting and ending frames in your screen recording, all without impacting the original video file or requiring you to re-record.
Multimedia Support
Easily create, import, and edit video, audio, and images, without complex conversions or encoding.
Easily import, record, or embed any video, then set it to play automatically or include play, rewind, pause, stop, and replay controls. Use the built-in editor to crop and trim, adjust volume, or even add a watermark. Choose whether or not to compress video in courses.
Web Objects
Bring the power of the web to your course. Quickly and easily embed web-based applications, games, videos, reference material, and much more.
Screenshot Tool
Add screenshots to your course in seconds, without ever leaving Storyline.
Easily assess your learners' progress. Choose from 20 predefined, form-based questions to build quizzes in seconds.
Freeform Questions
Turn objects on your slide into an engaging, decision-making activity, without any programming.
Multiple Quizzes
Test learners whenever and wherever you want in your course, such as at the end of every section. Choose to submit a combined score or a final quiz score to Articulate Online or your learning management system (LMS).
Negative Scoring
Easily create more accurate testing by subtracting points from learners’ scores when they answer incorrectly.
Question Import
You don’t have to start every assessment from scratch. You can import questions from Excel or text files you get from a database or subject matter experts.
Question Banks
Easily group and manage the questions in your course by pooling them in banks, which can be randomized or even imported into other courses for reuse.
HTML5, Flash, Articulate Mobile Player
Publish your course with a single click to HTML5, Flash, and the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad and Android tablets.
Publish to Microsoft Word
Publish courses to Microsoft Word to facilitate reviews by subject matter experts and address Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Section 508 accessibility requirements.
Tracking and Reporting
Publish Tin Can API 1.0-, SCORM-, and AICC-compliant content that works seamlessly with your learning management system (LMS). Or publish to Articulate Online, a cost-effective way to track learner activity.
Right-to-Left Language Support
Easily localize courses. Storyline supports right-to-left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.
Translation Support
Export all text in your course to Microsoft Word or XML format, translate it, and import it back in with all formatting preserved. Storyline also supports double-byte character sets needed for languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
Section 508 Accessibility
Make courses accessible to learners with screen readers with Storyline’s Section 508 accessibility support.
WCAG Accessibility
Reach a wider audience with Storyline’s support for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.
Custom Tab Order
Make sure that learners with screen readers hear the right content at the right time by defining a custom tab order for slide objects. (Flash output only)
Player Font Size
Increase the player font size up to 200% for visually impaired learners. (Flash output only)
Skip Player Navigation
Empower learners with screen readers by giving them the option to skip player elements when they’re tabbing through slide content. (Flash output only)
Language ID for Screen Readers
Localize content for learners with screen readers by identifying the course language. (Flash output only)
Keyboard Support for Sliders
Control interactive sliders with the arrow keys on your keyboard. (Flash output only)
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