Close Skill Gaps with Science-Based Learning

The World Economic Forum reports that upskilling and reskilling today’s workforce has the potential to boost GDP by $6.5 trillion by 2030. But how can employers accomplish

this goal in an era of deskless workers, rapid technological advancement, and near- constant change? As companies grapple with this question, they’re looking to learning experts for strategic direction. The answer, according to leaders in the field, is embracing how the brain actually learns and retains information to create training that sticks—and measuring that training’s success by business impact.

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Close Skill Gaps with Science-Based Learning

Understand how the brain really learns so training delivers results. In this e-book, you’ll discover:

  • Why US training budgets—which recently exceeded $100B—aren’t always effectively spent
  • What brain science says about one-touch vs. learning spaced out over time
  • Tricks to drive business impact and increase ROI from learning efforts

If we enter a new market and need to dig into a particular product or selling concept, it takes just a few moments to create professional-looking training content. We can then share that training with the field team almost instantly.

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