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“I love Storyline 2. It feels new and refined.” Phil Mayor Creative Director, Elearning Laboratory
“The advances in text formatting and characteristics in Storyline 2 are fantastic. Did Santa give you guys my wish list?” Jackie Van Nice Instructional Designer, Independent
“Relative motion paths is just an awesome feature for anyone who does a lot of animation work. Storyline 2 makes it effortless.” Stephanie Harnett Digital Learning Specialist, ICE Ltd.
“Storyline 2 will come in handy in my quest to conquer the world, one e-learning course at a time.” Dirk Human Instructional Designer, EPI-USE
“I am having too much fun playing with Storyline 2’s relative motion paths. I have baseball tickets for tonight and am struggling to turn off the computer!” Frank Glover, Sr. Instructional Designer, Pacific Gas & Electric
“Let me get this straight: not only are you giving me ‘what you see is what you get’ with Storyline 2, but motion paths too? You had me at text control!” Tracy Parish Education Technology Specialist, Southlake Regional Health Centre
“I’m LOVING the undockable panels in Storyline 2. Totally awesome.” Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro Instructional Designer, Independent
“Great work on Storyline 2. I love the motion paths and text editing improvements.” Brian Allen Design and Technology Consultant, LexisNexis
“Awesome new features. #LoveIt.” Paul Alders Owner, EyeSpirations
“Motion paths and clear text, I'm so stoked!” Holly Eva Elearning Designer, NIGP
“Loving the new feature set.” Mark Fletcher Elearning Designer, Independent
“Thanks for this amazing list of features.” Allison Nederveld Elearning Specialist, Engility Corp
“Love, Love, Love that we can add multiple paths to an object and use triggers to set them off!” James Kingsley Co-Owner, ReviewMyElearning
“I can’t decide what I’m most excited about for Storyline 2. WOWSA!” Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro Instructional Designer, Independent
“Storyline can easily cut my development time in half, possibly even more. It’s a really easy case to make to the higher-ups. I must add that it is awesome to an almost overwhelming degree! (In a good way!)” Kayla Burtch Curriculum Consultant / Leap ESL
“It’s really the little things that make Storyline so friggin‘ cool. Storyline. Simple. Powerful. Once you get a taste of the power, it’s sooo hard not to work in Storyline. Even for the most basic of courses, Storyline allows you to augment with lots of cool features.” Mike Enders Owner / Enders Design
“Storyline is the ONLY tool that seems to be able to handle everything I’ve thrown at it. The screen recording capabilities in Storyline are like none other. It’s pretty awesome, and that alone should win some awards for Storyline (not to mention all the other cool stuff).” Linda Ross Learning Architect / Oracle
“I just started thoroughly testing all the Articulate products and I’m quickly becoming a big fan. I had a chance to get a 1:1 preview of Storyline and everything people have said is true, it’s amazing. I truly believe Storyline is a game-changer, so my old colleagues have some tough battles ahead of them, especially with the stellar community Articulate has and the unmatched support they give their customers.” RJ Jacquez Former Adobe Senior Evangelist / Adobe Systems
“With Storyline, you can build complex interactions using a set of simple features—triggers, variables, and other fun additions—making Storyline THE tool for creating amazing e-learning. Whether you are a programmer or designer, it works the way you expect it to. Your learners will love what you build with Storyline.” Thomas Toth dWeb Studios and Catapult Training Group
“Just came back from perhaps one of the most exhilarating seven hours of my career. We played jazz effortlessly … we changed, we demoed, we discussed, we had an absolute ball. Storyline is an awesome tool to work with, and clients are fascinated by seeing what is under the hood. I think we probably cut four to five days off normal ’exchanging emails production time. Did Storyline behave under fire? Storyline passed with flying colors. I can do everything I always wanted to do, plus everything I dreamed of ever doing, in Storyline.” Bruce Graham Instructional Designer / Perfect Performance Training
“Articulate is the rock star of the e-learning world. Compared to what I have become used to with other e-learning vendors, Articulate is a breath of fresh air.” Dave Sabol Director of Tech and Social Media / Altitude Marketing
“In 12 years I’ve used nearly every authoring tool out there—and I prefer Articulate over and above them all. Articulate products give me flexibility, easy authoring, and an output that dazzles anyone. I’ve been an Articulate evangelist for a long time—with the ’09 release I will continue to be one for years to come.” Shane Matthews Global E-learning Program Manager / McCain Foods, Ltd.
“Now everything works perfectly. Thank you very much for your perfect support. Your behavior is really a classic example of a modern customer relationship management. I’m happy to be your customer!” Gerhard Kühni CEO and Consultant / Kühni Kommunikation
“We’ve selected Articulate Rapid E-learning Studio and we’ve never looked back. From the beginning, we loved how easy it was to use while still providing a range of powerful features. Using it, we’ve been able to reduce the time it takes us to deliver training from months to days.” Kara Eulgen Technology Specialist / Assurant Health
“We’re successfully using Rapid E-learning Studio Pro to strengthen our customer relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and differentiate our offerings from competitors. Articulate is truly an enabler in making this happen. I’m thrilled with our selection of Articulate, whose products and services allow us to add value to our clients every day.” Mark Hamilton E-learning Strategy and Development / Reuters
“I LOVE Engage ... it is amazing! Not only is it incredibly simple to use, but the end output is truly stunning. I couldn’t believe it, but within hours I had put a new glossary and FAQs on our intranet. Thanks for making my job a whole lot easier.” Ian Shaw Head of Learning and Training / Nestlé Purina PetCare Europe
“Our list of requirements both for our developers and our learning audience was extensive. After intense searching and many evaluations, I determined Articulate Presenter to be the best solution. We have never looked back!” Erica Wadley, Ph.D. Learning Practice Manager / Sakson & Taylor
“Articulate Engage is an awesome tool. The interactions in Engage are simple to build. They also give some contemporary-looking eye-candy, so business content can look great without making you struggle.” Tom King E-learning Consultant
“When prospective customers ask how we’re able to price our high-quality courses so competitively, our reply is always the same: ’Have you heard of Articulate?’ Our talented instructional designers are able to transform classroom lectures into engaging learning experiences in a matter of days—not weeks. We’re proud to have Articulate as the foundation of our training programs and would highly recommend it to anyone.” Chris Bennett Founder and CEO / Ah-Ha! Media
“The Articulate suite of tools is a great fit for many of our training needs. It is easily usable by our content developers and SMEs; the interface for our communications and training modules is intuitive to use and shows a high level of craftsmanship. Articulate’s support model, including the community forums, has helped us greatly improve our usage.” Grant Cook Manager — Process Re-engineering / Bayer HealthCare, LLC
“Engage is unbelievable in allowing us to rapidly build engaging content. With Flash we built a custom interaction that took at least forty-five minutes and didn’t have a polished look. With Engage we built the same interaction in ten minutes and the result was a clean and professional look. Engage will revolutionize our work flow and save us tremendous amounts of time.” Bob Jones, M.D. EMsono, LLC
“The Articulate staff have been so great and quick to help with all of our questions. I love Articulate Presenter and Articulate Quizmaker because they make our online training presentations really stand out. I really can’t say enough good things about your support staff and your products. Thank you!” Jillian DeLucia Technical Writer / Baxter Healthcare
“Articulate provides content owners and SMEs desperately needed authoring software in their own hands at an extremely competitive price, to easily create, publish, and update learning content. With Presenter, Engage, and Quizmaker, working seamlessly together, but also brilliantly on their own, content owners and SMEs have no boundaries to allow their creativity to soar. The authoring software is also backed by one of the best customer-service-oriented teams I have ever experienced or heard of, representing what I value most: competent, communicative and friendly.” Jason Howard Peterson Capability Solutions Manager (Capability / Talent Development) / Accenture
“WOW! I’ve been an instructional designer for thirty years and have used many products—but never a suite that I enjoy using as much as yours. The Engage interface is so intuitive that I was able to create interactive screens within five minutes of installing. The results are professional, polished, and easy for the learner to use. Thank you for a WONDERFUL product!” Monica L. Caplan President / The Leslie Group, Inc.
“Congrats and a BIG round of applause to the Articulate team for giving us Engage. It is an excellent, alluring, mouth-watering, simple-to-use application that allows me to add stimulating interactions to my e-learning courses.” Abd Karim Alias, Ph.D. Associate Professor / School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia
“We performed a thorough evaluation of Articulate’s products and found they were clearly best-in-class. Articulate’s products are not only technically sound, but remarkably easy to use too.” Dr. James McCaffrey Senior Director / Volt Information Sciences, Inc.
“We were able to leverage the robust features and functions of Articulate Presenter to create recyclable, consistent messaging around our products. The tool is straightforward, simple to use, and quite frankly the best I have worked with.” Nancy Hensley National Account Manager / Surgient, Inc.
“Rapid E-learning Studio provides everything that any content provider needs to easily create high-impact, on-demand presentations that are ultimately user friendly. Articulate products are at the top of my list!” Kirsten Dixson Founding Partner / Reach Branding Club and Brandego
“I’m virtually patting you on the back, Gabe, for your diligence in responding to my technical support issue, and for providing me with peace of mind about quickly resolving the issue. I know I am one of many customers, but I appreciate that you made me feel my issue was important.” Marc Grayson President and Founder / National Institute of Webographers, LLC
“My favorite tools are reasonably priced, easy to use, and deliver what they promise. This one is a keeper.” Patti Shank, Ph.D., CPT President / Learning Peaks, LLC
“I appreciate your emailing back so soon! I was really impressed by how easy it is to make contact with support, most notably with Gabe. I haven’t seen any company where the director of support is willing to put his contact info out there for everyone to see. That is very impressive and speaks highly of your dedication to customer service.” Amy Hensley E-learning Consultant / TrueCompass Business Solutions
“We’ve been using our thiry-five licenses of Presenter for over two years now and have developed over forty-five hours of online training. The Articulate support staff has always been excellent in the speed and quality of responses to any problems we’ve had. We’ve excelled because of the support you’ve provided!” Andrew Wood Instructional Support Meteorologist / University of Oklahoma
“Simply put, there is nothing that comes close to Articulate for ease of use, flexibility, capability, sensible pricing, and rapid conversion of PowerPoint based courses to the web.” Peter C. Gardiner, Ph.D. President and CEO / Southern California Safety Institute
“When our instructors were faced with the challenge of converting their traditional curriculum to online, Articulate made the transition easy. Articulate Presenter and Quizmaker met our challenge, and then some!” Christine Ahlsten Instructional Technology/Curriculum Development Specialist / North Dakota State University
“Once again, Articulate’s done an outstanding job of flattening the design and development curve. To be honest, the time spent with Engage feels more like play than work. I can focus on the media and the message instead of worrying about programming the interactions.” Joe Fournier Chief Learning Architect / Rapid E-learning, LLC
“I do want to thank you again for what I consider the excellent customer service you provided me today. This gives me confidence in the product and in Articulate’s commitment to service.” Bill Filler Manager, Partner Curriculum / Polycom
“In Articulate I have found a product that delivers a superior solution, is uncomplicated to use, and, above all, in my dealings with the support staff, I have found the service out of the top drawer. This level of software support is exceptionally rare, and we have no hesitation in using the Articulate software suite with any of our clients.” Mark Raats Joint Senior Partner / MRT Studios—Australia
“Many thanks for your rapid response. Articulate Presenter is up and running again on my laptop! Your customer care is even better than your already wonderful program.” Gerard Locke Healthcare Technology Management Consultant / Clinical Engineering Management and Consulting Services (CEMACS)
“The help and support from Articulate before I bought the product was magnificent. After I bought the product, it’s been unbelievably magnificent. I purchased with the comfort of knowing that they stand behind their users and their products every step of the way. And so they do. Why would you buy elsewhere?” Michael Ratner Compendium
“It’s rare that an authoring tool does what it’s supposed to do, with ease and simplification. Articulate Presenter and Articulate Quizmaker are intuitive and work flawlessly with our learning management system. These tools allow for a range from simple to complex, wherever your creative mind takes you. We’re glad we found you!” Glenn Greenberg Associate / Booz Allen Hamilton
“Articulate Presenter is about the easiest to use and most intuitive application we’ve evaluated so far.” Les Howles Division of Information Technology-Academic Technology Solutions / University of Wisconsin, Madison
“Thank you for providing an amazingly simple, yet powerful tool for converting our boring presentations into truly engaging instructional media! We’ve been using Presenter and Quizmaker in blended and online courses and haven’t yet had to ask for assistance from our own technical support or yours. Now that’s the way software is supposed to work.” Glen J. Coulthard Department of Curriculum and Instruction / Purdue University
“I’m a long-time user of PowerPoint and I’ve been looking for an economical, yet impressive, way of building multimedia presentations. Articulate hits the target dead center! This software is really great!” Gerald Walsh Director, Product Marketing / EFI, Inc.
“Articulate Presenter has dramatically changed the way we deliver employee training. We can now deliver more training at less cost to a wider audience in a shorter period of time.” Lora Davis Instructional Designer / Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP)
“Articulate Presenter has proved itself to be a simple and effective product, enabling us to rapidly author and deploy content in support of some of our more demanding internal customers.” Patrick Reid Regional Director, Emerging Technologies / Global Sales & Marketing Information Services AstraZeneca
“We created online training that replaces a full day of classroom work. We did this with a combination of Articulate Presenter and Articulate Quizmaker. It all integrated beautifully. I was amazed that one trainer was able to do all this in a matter of a couple weeks. And it all works in our LMS via SCORM 1.2. Great products.” Jon Herron Director of E-learning / Tweeter
“I wish many of the other companies I deal with would take a page from your customer support playbook—you take care of my support cases so quickly and efficiently. This is the way customer support should work!” Doug Chasick Senior Vice President, Professional Services / CallSource
“Articulate customer support responses are very quick and much appreciated! I’ve worked in IT for more than fifteen years, and interacting with Articulate support was the first time I’ve encountered a support team that works on Sundays—and the reply to my case was almost immediate.” Stefanos Karagos Publisher / PC Magazine Greece
“Justin in support was such a great help to us. He patiently and articulately answered all of our questions and helped us further understand ways to increase the performance of our WBTs—and believe me—we had quite a few questions. His expertise, knowledge, and advice were very helpful. Articulate is a great product, but it’s people like him who make it great!” Gary Giurbino Senior Education Developer / BMC Software, Inc.
“Articulate works great here at my regular job! For my home office, I had some trouble reinstalling it on a new laptop I recently purchased. I received lots of suggestions—all good—none worked. But no one gave up—finally had a webcast with Gabe—problem solved. Just want to say the product is great, and it may be that the customer service is even greater.” Sandy Gilbert Medicaid Program Specialist / Virginia Department of Social Services
“I’ve heard so much about your customer service, and I can attest the rumors are true. You guys rock! I’m as impressed with your site as I am with your products and your customer service. It’s tastefully designed, just like the interface of your products. It shows you’ve paid much attention to the details. That sets you and your products apart. Presenter is the best.” Val Jones CEO / Jones and Jones LTD, Singapore
“Engage is knocking my socks off! Kudos to you guys at Articulate for making such a wonderfully user-friendly application that produces such excellent results. I LOVE this product.” Jenna Sweeney President / CramerSweeney Instructional Design
“After extensive research and evaluation, this is honestly the most complete, easiest to use e-learning solution available.” Don Jones ScriptingAnswers.com
“This is just amazing! E-learning on an iPad?! Simply fantastic!” Jimmy Glenos Director / MLI
“Usually with dramatic upgrades in software, the learning curve is steep. Not the case with Articulate Studio ’09! Articulate has put the user first, striking a near perfect balance in powerful new features and the familiar easy-to-use interface.” Charles Zoffuto E-learning Consultant and Trainer / Yukon Learning
“I’m a passionate Articulate user. And this new version, Articulate Studio ’09, is really stunning! Considering the volume of courses I have to deliver every month, Articulate products are surely my best choice. Now, the only limit to creating rich and engaging courses is my imagination.” Flavio Fusuma E-learning Producer / FabriCo
“Articulate has exceeded my expectations with Articulate Studio ’09. Also, I had a very positive experience working with your skilled and friendly staff during the beta testing. Look forward to purchasing Studio ’09 for my staff as soon as it’s released.” Bill Herrmann Director, R&D / Dynamic Works Institute
“Studio ’09 represents the perfect storm in the e-learning development world, a confluence of three factors: ease of use, instructional effectiveness, and pleasant to the eye. These applications are no eye candy, however, considering the power of the feature set underlying each. If you want to do it instructionally, Articulate Studio ’09 is the toolset to have in your toolbox!” Dr. Michael J. Fimian Assistant Dean of Curriculum / Kaplan University
“I thought I was crazy about the Articulate family of products before, but with Studio ’09 comes a bunch of cool new features. Courses look fresh, clean and professional; quizzes are easy to make and look like they took hours, when really, they can be created in minutes. Articulate continues to impress me with their products making the creation and implementation fun and easy.” Marisa Dodson Instructional Designer / Reeves Import Motorcars
“Articulate Studio ’09 is vastly superior to its predecessor in every conceivable aspect. If I have to pick only one new favorite feature, I would have to say ‘all of them.’ If you press me, I’ll go with the new branching capabilities. This one new feature alone takes Studio ’09 to an entirely new level of e-learning development. I love you guys!” Chris Wirick Education Services Project Manager / Government Agency
“Articulate Presenter is one of the best tools in my arsenal as an e-learning designer/developer. And the time savings from the new features of Presenter ’09 will now enable me to use my vacation days :) Thanks Articulate!” Elizabeth Israel Instructional Designer, Sales Readiness / F5 Networks
“Presenter ’09 is really great! I love how with the preview feature I can save time and effort by just publishing one or a small set of slides. Some of my other favorite features are annotations, the PPTA file, slide branching, and slide locking. My courses have got an upgrade because of Presenter ’09.” Eli Alvez Engineer / OP2B-Industrial Optimization
“I have used Articulate Presenter for years now—and this new version, Presenter ’09, is SO packed with new features! It’s easier than ever to use, and the results are outstanding! I love the annotation features—as a software training developer it will save me many hours avoiding the task of marking up and animating screenshots in PowerPoint—now I can just click an area as I narrate to draw attention to it. And the effects are very neat and professional looking. The audio—editing tools will save a lot of time and effort too—all in all, an impressive, time-saving product I plan to use on a daily basis! Kudos to the development team!” Vicki Ziesemer Training and Documentation / WorkWise
“Presenter ’09 is one of the easiest e-learning authoring tools I have ever used. Articulate has made it so simple to use, but the output is so impressive! Many of my co-workers are convinced I am creating these courses right in Flash.” Joe Davis E-learning Developer / Learning Point, Inc.
“Every once in a while an e-learning application comes along that simply redefines the rules of what is possible. Step forward Quizmaker ’09. Superb customization functions and a sleek user interface make creating e-learning quizzes a breeze. Now the only limit to what we can develop is our imagination.” Jim Riley CEO / tutor2u

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