Our community's creations.

Sales Orientation

by ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Inc.

This course takes full advantage of the most powerful features in Storyline, including software simulation, drag-and-drop interactions, variables, triggers, states, and slide layers. With its wonderfully rich interactivity and thoughtful scenarios, the course not only teaches, it entertains.

SMS Treasure

by mashrur.com

It’s never been so fun to learn about safety management systems. Treasure hunts, dragons, gladiators, games … what more could a learner want? See triggers, slide layers, states, drag-and-drop activities, and more in this delightfully humorous Storyline course.

Broken Co-Worker

by eLearnerEngaged

This comic strip-style Storyline course tackles a touchy topic with humor and creativity. It makes great use of quizzing, triggers, and slide layers.

Avoiding Meeting Missteps

by DFLearning

This well-conceived Storyline course features a cool customized player, illustrated and photographic characters, drag-and-drop activities, lightboxes, freeform quizzes, and more.

The Right Time, The Right Style

by Kineo

Featuring intuitive course navigation, clean graphics, and terrific on-screen feedback, this Storyline course showcases slide layers, triggers, states, and variables.

DC Fundamentals: The Role of Electrons

by eLearnerEngaged

This engaging, educational Storyline course takes advantage of many great features, including click-and-reveal interactions, drag-and-drop activities, imported video, and embedded YouTube video.

Enders Collection

by Enders Design

Six Storyline demos rolled into one. We especially like the planets demo, which features triggers-powered interactivity, and the “crack the safe” brain twister, which makes great use of variables (Not iPad optimized.).

Social Media Guidelines at Hitachi Data Systems

by Hitachi Data Systems

Bob steals the show in this Storyline course. Triggers and slide layers bring the wonderful artwork to life, while the customized player tastefully complements the content.

U.S. State Capitals

by Kevin Thorn, NuggetHead Studioz

There’s a lot to like in this Storyline course: creative graphics, a quiz that’s actually a game, and an impressive game scoreboard powered by variables.


by eVision-Design

This information-packed Storyline course includes drag-and-drop activities, YouTube videos embedded in lightboxes, illustrated characters, and more.

Are You Busy?

by Artisan E-Learning

This Storyline activity really shows off the power of variables. It also features interesting graphics, creative activities, and markers.

State Facts

by Steve Gannon

This Storyline course makes memorizing state facts fun. It loads markers with information and reinforces geography lessons with drag-and-drop activities. (Not iPad optimized.)

Periodic Table

by Phil Mayor, Elearning Laboratory

This impressive interactive periodic table uses more than 7,000 triggers on one Storyline slide alone. Wow! See embedded web objects, variables, and amazing triggers in action. (Not iPad optimized.)

Diabesity Course

by e-Mersion

Articulate 2010 Guru Award Gold winner e-Mersion created this Diabesity course, which leverages a number of features in Articulate Studio ’09, including intuitive navigation and branching, precision-synched animations, seamless integration of Articulate Engage interactions, and tailored quiz slides.

Learn more about this award-winning course and why e-Mersion uses Articulate products.

Mission: Turfgrass

by Kevin Thorn

Articulate 2010 Guru Award Silver winner Kevin Thorn created this Mission: Turfgrass course, which features flexible navigation with PowerPoint hyperlinks, a clever progress meter, an innovative approach to using Articulate Engage and super-creative quiz slides.

Learn more about this award-winning course and why Kevin Thorn uses Articulate products.

Psyched in 10

by Mike Enders

Articulate 2010 Guru Award Bronze winner Mike Enders built Psyched in 10, which is more like a fun, hip educational documentary on TV than it is a training course. The course leverages Studio ’09 Pro features like effective video, an interactive knowledge check, nice use of the player’s toolbar tabs, and a great storytelling style and pace.

Learn more about this award-winning course and why Mike Enders uses Articulate products.

What Your Teachers Never Told You

by Nancy Woinoski & Pinched Head

Articulate 2010 Guru Award Bronze winner Nancy Woinoski of Pinched Head created What Your Teachers Never Told You, an engaging course about personal finance and budgeting. It features creative Flash animations integrated with scenes built in PowerPoint to create a unique look.

Learn more about this award-winning course and why Pinched Head uses Articulate products.

Financial Skills

by McDonald’s & Kineo

Articulate 2010 Guru Award Bronze winner Steve Rayson of Kineo developed this Financial Skills course (excerpt only) for McDonald’s UK. The course features a clean and simple visual design, nice use of corporate colors, and an eye-catching custom player.

CPR Course

by e-Mersion

Articulate 2009 Guru Award Gold winner e-Mersion created CPR Course, which leverages a number of features in Studio ’09, including annotations, slide branching, and embedded interactions and quizzes.

Learn more about this award-winning course and why e-Mersion uses Articulate products.


by New Mavens

Articulate 2009 Guru Award Silver winner New Mavens created this Evernote overview, which features excellent audio quality, a compelling story, and a blended design of Articulate Presenter ’09 and Articulate Quizmaker ’09.

Learn more about this award-winning course and why New Mavens uses Articulate products.

HIPAA Privacy Compliance

by SSC

Articulate 2009 Guru Award Bronze winner SSC created this HIPAA Privacy Compliance course, which features a custom player skin from Articulate partner Kineo, an interesting story, and an effective use of video and interactivity to reinforce the learning.

Learn more about this award-winning course and why SSC uses Articulate products.

Creative Visualization

by Joann Swanson

Articulate 2009 Guru Award Bronze winner Joann Swanson created this Creative Visualization course, which features a beautifully designed Articulate player, soothing background music, and tightly integrated Articulate Quizmaker ’09 quizzes.

Learn more about this award-winning course and why Joann Swanson uses Articulate products.

Product Tours

by Ad Giants

Articulate 2009 Guru Award Bronze winner Ad Giants created this Product Tours marketing presentation, which features impressive and tightly integrated style and design, and makes effective use of Articulate Studio ’09 features.

Learn more about this award-winning course and why Ad Giants uses Articulate products.

Cardiac Life Support

by 42 Design Square

42 Design Square created this Cardiac Life Support course, which features Engage tab interactions in the Articulate player toolbar, branching navigation, effective use of animations and tight product integration.

Sexual Harassment Training

by Cognizant Technology Solutions

Cognizant Technology Solutions created this Sexual Harassment Training course, which features real actors to reinforce the learning, video to enhance the user engagement, and Articulate Quizmaker ’09 quizzes that match the design of the course.

(Note: Originally designed for delivery via Cognizant’s Intranet, so please be patient while the videos in the course load.)

Fair Hiring

by Monarch Media

Monarch Media, Inc. created this Fair Hiring course, which features a nicely designed Articulate player, impressive audio, and Engage interactions.

OSHA Training

by eVision-Design

eVision-Design created this OSHA Training course, which features unique vector graphics, interactive elements, and Articulate Presenter ’09 annotations.

Globus Responsible Communications

by Maestro eLearning

Maestro eLearning created this Globus Responsible Communications, which features a clean design, professional audio, and embedded Flash video.

Weighbridge Operations

by Waste Recycling Group

Waste Recycling Group created this Weighbridge Operations course, which features interactive, scenario-based learning, and seamlessly integrated Articulate Engage ’09 interactions.

Avoid Death by E-Learning

by Teach America

Teach America created this Avoid Death by E-Learning course, which features Articulate Presenter ’09 annotations, Articulate Engage toolbar interactions and interactive navigation.

Machu Picchu

by Dan Rollins

Dan Rollins created this Machu Picchu course, which features a story about the history of Machu Picchu, PowerPoint slide animations, and background audio.

Beer Brewing Process

by Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly created this course on the Beer Brewing Process, which features a colorful player template, interactive slide branching, integrated Flash video, and links to external resources.

Bard Artery Anatomy

by Maestro eLearning

Maestro eLearning created this Bard Artery Anatomy course, which features colorful imagery, Articulate Engage ’09 interactions, and professional audio.

Document and Image Management

by Dan Rollins

Dan Rollins created this Document and Image Management course, which features a compelling use of sidebar video to present the learning content, along with course attachments and PowerPoint animations.

Dan featured this course at Articulate Live ’09.

Electric Pallet Jack

by Prometheus Training Corporation

Articulate 2007 Guru Award winner Prometheus Training Corporation does it again with another outstanding course demo! This time, they’ve highlighted many of the new features of Articulate Studio ’09.

Prometheus makes full use of many Articulate Presenter ’09 features like player navigation locking (slides 3 and 11), annotations (slides 5, 7, 15, 16, 17, 24), rich notes formatting, and improved output fidelity. On slides 10 and 27, Prometheus creatively uses Articulate Quizmaker ’09 features to highlight its freeform design, branching, and rich question feedback capabilities. And Prometheus takes full advantage of Articulate Engage ’09 with step branching (slide 9) as well as Engage player tabs (Help/About Us). Learn more about how they made it.

Prepare for an Earthquake

by e-Mersion

Are you prepared for the next earthquake? In this example, e-Mersion leverages many of the multimedia capabilities in Articulate Studio ’09 to test your earthquake readiness.

Dynamic Flash animations (.SWF) and video (.FLV) engage the learner in this course. The main menu and navigation controls take advantage of the branching capabilities of Articulate Presenter ’09. As you explore each section, you’ll see a different type of Articulate Engage ’09 interaction, each enhanced with video, audio, and graphics.

Using the freeform features of Articulate Quizmaker ’09, e-Mersion has created a timed challenge to test your quick-thinking ability. Based on your answers, you’re branched to different follow-up questions.

Earth Quiz

by Sonyos

Reeaz Issufo of Sonyos shares this beautiful Earth quiz, created with Articulate Quizmaker ’09. His work elegantly showcases many of its free-from design features.

“My favorite thing about the new Articulate Quizmaker ’09 is its flexibility,” says Reeaz. “You can customize each slide individually; you can move around and resize elements; you can tinker with animation options; you can alter timelines. All this means that every quiz can be unique and therefore more engaging for the learner.”

AIP Compensation Discussions

by Weyerhaeuser

This scenario-based training module from Weyerhaeuser highlights a creative design that goes beyond the traditional PowerPoint-based course structure.

Key features of this example include the excellent design, high-quality narration, and unique approach to training. Also note the use of custom navigational arrows in the body of the content to move around the course, and the simulation selection menu to review training based on a specific scenario. (Only the top simulation is available in this demo.)

Office Ergonomics

by Prometheus Training Corporation

This ergonomics course from Prometheus Training Corporation is the winner of the Articulate Guru Awards 2007. The epitome of a professionally designed and produced training course, it shows off the combined power of Articulate Presenter, Articulate Quizmaker, and Articulate Engage.

Particularly impressive is the truly interactive and creative nature of the Engage interactions in allowing the user to take a series of self-ergonomic assessments (slides 11-15) that will have you sitting in the ideal position relative to your computer’s workstation in no time.

Solution Product Overview

by Ignite Technologies

This marketing presentation from Ignite Technologies is an excellent example of how to combine the power of Articulate Presenter with the flexibility of Articulate Engage.

Along with a great use of a custom player template designed to match the company’s branding, note the narration and PowerPoint animation on nearly every slide. You’ll also see a video embedded in the Engage interaction on slide 1 and more Engage interaction tabs in the upper right (“Ignite FAQ” and “Contact Us”).

Laws and Cases of Sexual Harassment

by Ah-Ha! Media

This course from Ah-Ha! Media demonstrates an excellent combination of product use, bringing together Articulate Presenter, Articulate Quizmaker, and Articulate Engage into a clean design with easy navigation, professional layout, and the inclusion of a slide interaction (slide 7), a tab interaction, and a quiz (last slide). Also note the scenario-based activities (slides 8-14) and the use of Articulate Presenter’s slide levels feature to group together related content elements.

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