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You can use your own logo in the lower left-hand corner of the Presenter ’09 player. Your custom logo needs to be a Flash .SWF file and you can optionally add your own website link to your logo.

If you’re simply looking to remove the Articulate logo in the lower left-hand corner (and not replace it), refer to the section on "Display powered-by logo" in Player Templates -> Player Controls.

If you’d like to display your own logo in the upper left-hand corner, refer to Presentation Options -> Logos.

To use your own logo in the lower left-hand corner of the Articulate Player:

  1. In your published output, copy your custom logo to the player folder.
  2. In your published output, open the data folder, then open playerproperties.xml in your text editor.
  3. In the <builtins> section of playerproperties.xml, add the following code:
  4. Optionally, add a link to your custom .SWF logo with this code (add this to your .FLA file):
    mcLink.onRelease = function()
                    getURL("", "_blank");
  5. View your course to test that your custom logo and link are appearing as expected.

Download a sample course with custom logo in place.

Note:  Your logo can be up to 42 pixels high.  There is no width limitation.  However, if it is very wide, it will overlap the player controls.

Here's a screencast on how to replace the Articulate logo in the player:

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