Quizmaker Wins 6 eLearning Guild Awards

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GuildResearch-Platinum.jpg Back in February, Studio and Presenter were handed two awards by members of The eLearning Guild. This week Quizmaker takes home an astounding 6 Platinum and Gold awards from eLearning Guild members.

Quizmaker has been given the following awards by the nearly 27,000 worldwide members of the Guild:

  • Guild Research 2007 Platinum Award — Testing and Assessment Tools: Overall Satisfaction
  • Guild Research 2007 Platinum Award — Testing and Assessment Tools: Ease of Learning
  • Guild Research 2007 Platinum Award — Testing and Assessment Tools: Ease of Use
  • Guild Research 2007 Platinum Award — Testing and Assessment Tools: Assessment Deployment
  • Guild Research 2007 Gold Awards — Market Share: Corporate Testing and Assessment Tools
  • Guild Research 2007 Gold Awards — Market Share: Education and Government Testing and Assessment Tools


As you can read in our press release:

“As I’ve indicated before, winning an eLearning Guild Members’ Choice award is both a substantial and substantiated achievement,” states Steve Wexler, the eLearning Guild’s director of research and emerging technology. “These awards are not based on the opinions of a handful of users. Rather, the results are culled from thousands of Guild member profiles and survey submissions and truly represent the opinions, preferences, and best practices of the Guild’s almost 27,000 members worldwide.”

Congrats to the Articulate team, and thanks to Guild members around the world for giving us this honor!

2 responses to “Quizmaker Wins 6 eLearning Guild Awards”


j’ai l’honneur de vous appeller svp s’il est possible envoyée moi un logicielle de simulation electronique et mercie
a l’attente de votre reponse.

toumia Mehdi // Posted at 10:32 am on November 21st, 2008

Bonjour Toumia, Articulate ne fait pas de logiciel de simulation ou de capture d’écran.

David Moxon // Posted at 10:13 am on November 26th, 2008

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