Customer Feedback #9

Written by Gabe Anderson Director, Customer Advocacy — Posted in Company

It was nearly a year-and-a-half ago when I posted the very first customer feedback entry to this blog. Since then, it’s become a tradition, sharing feedback with you roughly once every couple months. After all, what good does all this great feedback do if I can’t share it with the world? We’re very proud of the award-winning products we create and the world-class support we provide our customers. And we apppreciate all the kindness you send our way!

    “LOVE the blog! I just found the XML so I’ve added it to my Bloglines feeds.”

    “Your product is an exquisite masterpiece with a comprehensive range of features. Thank you for such a wonderful piece of art.”

    “Thanks for the tip and the excellent service! Always very much appreciated.”

    “Gabe, you are the best! This appears to be the problem.”

    “Thanks! That worked like a champ: launched in a new window and tracked properly. I appreciate you helping me work through this. I must say that your Platinum Support ROCKS! A very satisfied customer.”
    - Bryan Mason
    Stiles Machinery, Inc.

    “Gabe, it worked! You are the man!”

    “My thanks for taking the time to respond; I have been extemely impressed with Articulate’s customer service.”

    “Once again Thank you for the tremendous support you all continue to provide to us at ING.”

    Wow – I thought I was the only person working late last night! Thank you for the rapid reply and resetting the serial number.”

    “Thanks very much for such an excellent response – very much appreciated.”

    “Thanks for your super-swift response to my query!”

    You’re the best! Our upgraded FTP software must have been corrupting the files. It was a quick and easy fix. Thanks for the strong support.”

    You guys have the BEST web presentation / instruction tool… very slick…”

    “Thanks VERY MUCH for your quick response and customer service attitude. This will be very helpful.”

    “Hello Sarah,
    It was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you for the exceptional service!

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Have your own feedback (good or bad) you’d like to share? Please drop me a line.

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