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Weekly Recap: Halfway There with Tons More Good Stuff to Go!


June marks the sixth month of the year … can you believe 2014 halfway done? Well, that doesn’t mean the great folks in the E-Learning Heroes community are anywhere close to being done. So here’s to another six months of awesome, new, and exciting e-learning content. This week’s recap features tons of really great community [...]

Weekly Recap: Great New Content All Summer Long


Summer can be the time of year where things slow down: people relax and take the time to enjoy the sun, the great outdoors, a vacation…and a little breather. Luckily, as each of us grabs some down time, our larger community never takes a break and churns out great e-learning content, tips, and tricks all [...]

Weekly Recap: Helping Make E-Learning Development a Day at the Beach!


The E-Learning Heroes forum is a place where people can relax and congregate to share what’s hot and what’s happening in the world of e-learning! Let’s take a moment to thank the great folk who contribute to the community and help us keeping it fresh and interesting! This week’s recap features tips of branding your [...]

Weekly Recap: Here’s What Your Fellow Community Members Are Sharing


One of the things that’s so cool about E-Learning Heroes—besides all the free stuff—is the community-driven sharing that goes on. It’s really neat to see so many folks with different backgrounds and experience sharing with each other. To help you get started, here are some community highlights from the past week that you won’t want [...]

Weekly Recap: A Board Full of Tips, Tricks, and Advice!


The E-Learning Heroes forum is a great place to stay up on trends and discussions about the instructional design, training, and e-learning industry. Think of it as your e-bulletin board, where you can find and share some of the handy tips and tricks you learn from your fellow community members. This week’s recap features enough [...]

Join Us in Toronto for an E-Learning Heroes Community Event


If you live near Toronto, Canada, and want to learn how to develop more interactive, more engaging e-learning courses, then join us on Thursday, July 10, at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. Bring your laptops with Articulate Storyline installed because this session will be hands-on and interactive. If you don’t own Articulate Storyline yet, you [...]

Weekly Recap: Freshly Sprouted E-Learning Advice


Spring is in the air and the Articulate community is blossoming with great tips, tricks and advice. This week’s recap features discussions about sharing blogs and portfolios, curating helpful resources, trading ideas and inspiration for course design, and tons more! Check out what your fellow e-learning community members have been chatting about lately. Community tutorials [...]

Weekly Recap: Piping Hot E-Learning Tips


Happy Monday, E-Learning Heroes! The best part of waking up—besides a piping hot cup of coffee—is checking out the fresh cup of hot new tips and techniques percolating through the community over the past week. This week’s recap features design ideas, translation costs, custom menus, and lots more! While you’re sipping the e-learning goodness, take a [...]

Weekly Recap: The E-Learning Force is Strong with this Community


Did you feel a disturbance in your course? Are you sensing that millions of learners will cry out in terror? Rather than succumb to the dark side, set your hyperdrive to the galaxy’s biggest e-learning space: E-Learning Heroes where you’ll find the friendliest band of course creators who rebel against bad, imperialist e-learning. Whether you’re trying [...]

Weekly Recap: A Week’s Worth of Tips & Insights to Save Your E-Learning Bacon


Have your courses started to lose their sizzle? Does your trough of e-learning inspiration need a refill? Then it’s time you headed to the world’s largest e-learning pen: E-Learning Heroes! Whether you’re a small fry or living high on the hog, the Articulate community can cure the toughest challenges. From extra lean courses to those [...]

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